Upgrade to God

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The other side's words, very arrogant, but the lamp did not have the slightest anger, but a faint smile: "Yes, although do not want to admit

The other side's words, very arrogant, but the lamp did not have the slightest anger, but a faint smile: "Yes, although do not want to admit, but your strength is not comparable to me, but I am curious, what else can make ambitious you, wait a minute!" "You want to know?" The other side heard the lamp slightly teasing tone, unexpectedly Hei Hei strange laugh twice, then the lamp hum, not to speak, but quietly waiting for the other side to reply. Well, for the sake of knowing each other for so long, I'll tell you! Speaking of this, the other side intentionally or unintentionally paused, seems to be losing the appetite of the lamp, but the lamp has chosen silence. Time passed little by little, about half a stick of incense time, the other side's voice just came again: "In fact, I do not have to tell you, because you already know the answer!" " Uh? The lamp was stunned by the other side's inexplicable words, and some did not know why, but the lamp just wanted to ask questions, but found that the chaotic fog around it rolled violently, and then a figure slowly appeared in the chaos. The man was strong, dressed in a white robe,plastic pallet manufacturer, his long black hair was loose at will, his eyes were cold without any emotion, and he looked at the lamp as if he were looking at a dead man. Chen. Chen Feng? Seeing someone coming, the lamp, which had always been calm, suddenly changed his face and suddenly got up. Haha, old friend, do you think this is worth waiting for? The old voice came again, but the lamp could not answer,drum spill containment, because his eyes were left with deep shock and unspeakable fear. You Why didn't you die in there? You.. How did you get out? How could you possibly find this place? The lamp looked at the man in astonishment and sent out a series of questions, but Chen Feng, who had walked into the chaos, just smiled and said lightly. What's the matter? You really want me to die in there? The voice was cold and terrible, and even the burning lamp could feel the undisguised sense of chill in Chen Feng's words. You You shouldn't have come out! Gawking at Chen Feng, burning the lamp as if the whole person had aged a hundred years in an instant, and a pair of eyes full of chaos showed deep despair. You mean I should die in there, right? Sorry, let you down, I can't do it, because I have promised those Chinese compatriots who were killed by you, I will personally break your bones and raise ashes! Chen Feng clenched his teeth and walked towards the lamp step by step, and with the pace of Chen Feng, the chaos behind him rolled again, and a black fog slowly appeared like water. Ha ha, light the lamp, in vain you in order to hide from me, build the sea of chaos, so that I can not find you, stackable plastic pallets ,plastic bulk containers, but where are you going to escape this time? An old voice came from the black fog. Chen Feng frowned slightly, stopped, then slowly turned back and opened his mouth to the black fog. Senior, I have no intention to make an enemy of you. I just want to light the lamp with a blade. I hope you don't interfere in this matter! "That's natural, your business, you solve it yourself, I'm just a bystander!" Black fog readily agreed, and then really retreated to the side, indicating that he would not intervene. But the lamp standing in front of Chen Feng suddenly smiled and said, "Chen Feng, if you want to kill me, it's very simple. I can give you my life directly, but I'm afraid he won't agree." As he spoke, Lantern walked quickly toward Chen Feng, and did not make the slightest defensive action. It looked as if Chen Feng really wanted to end himself. Chen Feng was stunned, but the black fog behind Chen Feng gave a cold hum and said in a deep voice: "Lantern, don't force me.." Volume 1 Chapter 254 The Last Battle In the chaos, the burning lamp ignored the words of the human-shaped black fog, but walked toward Chen Feng with a faint smile on his face. Chen Feng's eyes narrowed slightly, and although he hated the lamp in his heart, he was somewhat suspicious, and for a moment he could not figure out what tricks the lamp was going to play. Come on, don't you want to kill me? Do it! The lamp looked at Chen Feng with a smile, but there was no fear in his voice, as if he had already seen through life and death. After listening to the words of the lamp, Chen Feng hesitated. Although he wished he could kill the lamp at the moment, he was not reckless. Whether it was the lamp in front of him or the human-shaped black fog standing behind him, Chen Feng had a feeling that he could not see through the actual situation. It seemed that there was a huge conspiracy between them. Chaotic fog rolling in the side, although a few people have some distance, but after a short dull, the lamp has come to Chen Feng a few steps away. Squinting eyes, eyes in the eye socket back and forth, the corner of the eye twitching violently, the distance is too close, if Chen Feng does not start again, if first let the lamp grab the first chance, I am afraid he is too late. Now the arrow on the string had to send, although Chen Feng did not want to so rashly preempt, but the situation has not allowed him to think much. In the eyes of the fierce light burst, Chen Feng suddenly gave a sharp shout, in the hands of the divine light swing, into a golden hand dead toward the top of the lamp, and the lamp is still smiling, completely do not resist, quietly looking at the huge golden handprint in the air. The golden awn shakes, the power can break the sky, the surrounding gray chaos is scattered by the golden big hand shock, the golden big hand is as fast as running thunder, like lightning toward the burning lamp. However, at the moment when the golden hand immediately hit the lamp, there was a sudden flash of blue light in the black fog behind him, and then a cold hum mixed with anger suddenly rose, and at the same time as the handprint fell, the black fog suddenly appeared between the lamp and Chen Feng, and then a black fog rose into the sky and hit the golden palm, Chen Feng felt his body shaking wildly and retreated several steps. The palm of the air broke at the sound. Light the lamp, what are you doing? The black fog roared angrily and suddenly turned around, but at the same time as the black fog turned around,plastic pallet box, a long sword with nine-color flames appeared in the hands of the burning lamp, and the burning lamp was staring at the bloodthirsty eyes, piercing the long sword into the black fog like lightning. cnplasticpallet.com