Flowers bloom in four seasons 1

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The master looks good in light-colored clothes. Xiyu looked at Ruizhu with heartfelt admiration.

First of all, the man over there to eat Qiongguo before sex, the so-called Qiongguo is a kind of fruit from a tree called afterbirth, it is said that the fresh Qiongguo is milky white, translucent skin, not only beautiful taste is good, but because only the summer afterbirth tree will bear Qiong fruit every year, and I heard that the chance of eating fresh Qiong fruit to give birth to a girl will be a little bigger. So when Qiongguo is fresh, it is very expensive. Because it is expensive, not everyone can afford it, and once Qiongguo has passed the fresh period, the skin will become very hard brown gray, when eating, not only need to remove the skin, but also the original sweet taste will become smelly, but the price of Qiongguo after the fresh period will become cheaper, so it is a necessary choice for ordinary people to have children. After the man who eats Qiongguo has sex with the woman, if the pregnancy is successful,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, a red lump will appear on the man's chest, from which the crystals of the fetus will slowly emerge (feeling like suppuration or teething), after three months (three more months! It is definitely more torturous than wisdom teeth.) When the fetal crystal is fully mature, it will come out completely from the skin wrapped around it! Ah, it is said that it is completely pushed out, but in fact there is still a part of it connected to the flesh, so it still needs to be removed by manpower. Take the crystal down and put it on the afterbirth tree that grows Qiongguo,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, and the tree will grow its own afterbirth to wrap the crystal.. Then the crystal will gradually grow into a human baby in the afterbirth, and then the child will come out just by cutting open the afterbirth (strange, so the people in this world can not be said to be real human beings, but the product of the combination of human genes and some strange trees..) 。 22 Spring Flight (1) Ruizhu obediently followed Yue Zongguan back to the mansion. All the way, she was silent because she was immersed in the shock. Knowing that the world was a man's birth made her even more glad that she had thrown herself into the female fetus. After a detailed description of Xiyu, she could only silently say in her heart: { Thank you, Mr. Skeleton. You are the best Mr. Skeleton I have ever seen in my last life and this life. May you grow a body of flesh quickly. Body-building and tough, beautiful and bubbling.. } "Master, are you angry that you haven't spoken all the way?" Entering the mansion from the corner gate, Xiyu, who had been holding back a lot of words, carefully looked at Ruizhu, who was still depressed because of the shock. Ruizhu glanced at Xiyu, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, thinking that the little girl did not know that she was reciting Buddha's name for herself to escape the pain of death. "Although I know that the master has always wanted to recover quickly, but really should not be too anxious to go out ah!" Pian Xiang, who had been waiting in the mansion, came out, looked at Ruizhu's face, and whispered with heartache. Look at this face, the color is not as good as in the morning. Ruizhu stood and let Lianxiang twist the clean perfume veil and wipe it on her face. Taking advantage of this time, Ruizhu glanced at her. Lianxiang understood the meaning. Before she could speak, she burst out laughing. After a pause, she lowered her voice and said: "The slave didn't know what was going on in the yard. The slave only ordered two honest and clever people to stay outside the door. The rest of the people took a temporary vacation. The slave who only heard the matter said that he heard a lot of noise in the house. Then the two mothers left angrily from the back door without even eating lunch, but the master of the house didn't order lunch until now." From time to time, I heard the sound of smashing big things in the room. "I always thought that only the girl who cherishes jade is bad, but I didn't think that you, a little girl, are also a good master who can't see others." Ruizhu suddenly reached out and pinched Pian Xiang's tender little face, and Xiyu blinked beside her, first humming with grievance, and then she could not help lowering her head and secretly laughing. Because I went out in the morning and came back late, so when Ruizhu had lunch, the sun had already passed noon, I thought it would not be too late to go to Yingyueyuan like this, but Pian Xiang dragged her and said that she had gone out all morning, her hair was in a mess and she had to comb it again, but Ruizhu looked in the mirror and she was still perfect. She said that she would not let Lianxiang insert the flower and hairpin for her. In this way, the two of them pulled for nearly half an hour. In addition, Xiyu made trouble from time to time beside her. Although the dispute ended with Ruizhu's victory, she was forced to change into a light blue clean shirt by Lianxiang, so that the two little girls were a little satisfied. The master looks good in light-colored clothes. Xiyu looked at Ruizhu with heartfelt admiration. Your master looks good in anything I wear. Ruizhu sniffed and smiled, not because of her big face, but because of her aesthetic, but she hasn't found any fault with her skin yet. "The master said yesterday that we were ready." Pian Xiang took out a rectangular wooden box wrapped in a layer of soft silk. Ruizhu looked at the sky, waved her hand and said: "Put it first. There's a piano in Chunhang. I'll look at it when I come back." Lianxiang and Xiyu promised and watched Ruizhu walk out of the yard with a smile. You say Is God going to give Chunhang Childe a chance to let his master forget what happened before? Xiyu sighed softly and said in a low voice, looking at Xiyu with pity, and shaking her head slowly: I'm not a fairy. How can I know what God wants to do? But we can also do, the rest only to see whether Chunhang Childe has that good fortune. In fact, the master wants to like that person is the master's business, we should not control, also can not control. "I know that, too," Xiyu sighed again and whispered, "but I've always seen that man very pitiful. And the master. I haven't really laughed since I knew about it, so I think maybe God wants to give that person and the master another chance to make the master forget everything. But we can help.. That's all there is. ****************** Seeing that most of the noon had passed,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, Chunhang stood alone in the flower hall, looking out of the window without speaking. When Qingtong saw him, he finally sighed and went over and whispered:.