Inverted horizontal knife

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The smell in this house is full of the cold and foul smell that makes normal people feel uncomfortable all over, and the smell of old blood is clear in the cracks of the floor.

At that moment, what made him hesitate and tremble was not the medicine, which was not enough to crush his strong nerves and unswerving revenge that had been tempered into steel for fifteen years. What crushed him was his reluctance and nostalgia for Yan Xiaodao. It was at the critical moment that he saw the engagement ring on his left ring finger in the limited field of vision of the gun. He just proposed to Xiao Dao yesterday and didn't want to break the contract. He's responsible for this decision, and he wants to spend the rest of his life with the knife. A large group of people from the task force surrounded a villa in Yandang Lake and came to save people. Xue Qian was the captain of the local criminal police team in Yancheng, and he found a clear location when he was familiar with the road. The police watched Zhao Gongzi flee into the black car and drive away in a hurry from the front door of the villa. The moment Yan Xiaodao rushed out of the car, his eyes were red, and he had a sharp weapon in his hand, which was about to shoot at the back of the head of the noble figure reflected in the rear window. The pain and determination of his sleepless night were concentrated on the tip of the knife. Xue Qian grabbed him back quickly, pressed his palm to death,mirror stainless steel sheet, and did not let him fly the fatal knife out. Xue Qian shouted in a low voice, "I don't want that guy to die in your hands." Save people first! The three words "save people first" woke up Yan Xiaodao. Several people were about to rush into the front door of the villa when there was a dull sound of "bang" overhead! Then it was a tire of Zhao Gongzi's special car that burst, and the rubber cracked into a pile of rotten pieces. The members of the police force, including Yan Xiaodao,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, are all veterans and experienced. The muffled sound is the sound of a gun with a silencer. The rest of the men subconsciously rushed to the surrounding bunkers, temporarily protecting their vital points from the attack. Only Yan Xiaodao did not move in place and looked upstairs on his back. He knew it must be Linghe. What he saw was the figure of Linghe holding a gun sideways. Linghe's long hair fell down his cheeks, his eyes were not clear, his body seemed to tremble violently, but it was a shot that caught people off guard and was extremely accurate. When Zhao Gongzi's black car ran askew to the curb, it burst a second tire. This time, stainless steel welded pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, it could not run at all. It stalled and could not move in the awkward way of riding on the shoulder. The Ling River slides down and the figure disappears from the window. The special police broke the door lock of the main door with guns, and all the people rushed into the building, controlled the rooms, and conducted a carpet search. Yan Xiaodao saw Linghe again in the largest room on the second floor of the building, which was the "game room". The smell in this house is full of the cold and foul smell that makes normal people feel uncomfortable all over, and the smell of old blood is clear in the cracks of the floor. The decor and wall decorations are bizarre. At night, when the lights go out, light a candle, and there will be a vicious game of ghosts in the house. Linghe sat quietly on the floor by the window, his body against the wall motionless, but his eyes were open, as if waiting for Yan Xiaodao to come. The police officer of the assault saw this scene and first dragged the bodyguard of the Zhao family who had fainted to one side and handcuffed him. Emergency personnel quickly replaced the police officers, on the spot for Linghe to do chest compression, allergy injection, intubation, infusion.. Linghe lay on the floor to receive first aid from a group of people, his eyes were still open, his emerald pupils were still fresh and moving, and his lips moved lightly, even though he had a lot to say to the knife. Yan Xiaodao's whole consciousness was immersed in great pain and guilt, unable to speak. He held Linghe's head, his hands trembling, and held Linghe in his arms. He didn't protect his lover and almost lost him again. There were clear teeth marks and blood in the middle of Linghe's lower lip,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, and the blood line divided the chin into two parts from the middle position. Yan Xiaodao shook the blood stains on his kisses. Ling He smiled at him with a strong smile on his lips, his chest suddenly trembled, and his heart breath was very weak.