Tiezui went down the mountain

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In fact, after really falling inside, Shen Yingzhe found that there was no need for light at all, and there was a bright blue light in front of him.

"Li Meng, do me a favor." Shen Yingzhe secretly poked Li Meng for help. OK, no problem. After listening to Shen Yingzhe's plan, Li Meng compared OK and used his mirror reflection function to block the monitoring so that no one could find Shen Yingzhe sneaking into the place where Lin Li was detained. Let you speak rudely, let you take advantage of my master! Shen Yingzhe beat Lin Li severely. It was still the kind of beating method taught by Liangying that kept him crying for pain every day and the doctor could not check out any problems. After beating the dregs, he left quietly with the cooperation of Li Meng. Who knows Shen Yingzhe just turned around and saw the cool cherry. Master, master! You're here, too. Shen Yingzhe, like a child who did bad things and was caught, hung his head and rubbed it against Liangying. The mop-up work is OK, and I know how to use external forces. Liang Ying said with a slight approval. Master, what exactly are those supplies? As soon as Shen Yingzhe heard this, he was so energetic that he pinched Liang Ying's shoulder. Something for rebellion. In fact, it is a semi-finished product, but the impact is still great. It's just useless for Liangying. I'll go. No wonder it's a good thing. It's just that God is so stingy that he can give such a little sweetness. Shen Yingzhe also saw the golden light of merit. Liangying didn't move those things, but there were other things to move. Soul search is not a white search,Whirlpool bathtub, naturally know that Lin Li also hid other living materials elsewhere. As soon as Shen Yingzhe heard this, he was excited. He originally thought that this was a loss-making business of voluntary good deeds, but he did not expect that there were other benefits to be gained. He hired a big truck to pull things to the fifth shopping mall. Mo Deyan there is also concerned about the cool cherry, found that Shen Yingzhe Leng Buding to the fifth shopping mall pulled a lot of things back to the big discount promotion, Mo Deyan immediately silent. Mo Shao, "Assistant Chen wants to say that those are also Lin Li's things." If you want to live two more years,4 person jacuzzi, shut up. You know what to say and what not to say. Mo Deyan looked at Assistant Chen. Yes Assistant Chen's voice weakened. Just look at Lin Li, who is already mentally disturbed. The ability of cool cherry to let people tell the truth is too terrible, if there is no certainty of victory, absolutely can not match her. Eh? Looks like it's a full moon again. After the cool cherry emptied the Yin Qi of the mall again, I felt that the evil spirit in the mall was thick again. Master, where are we going? Shen Yingzhe followed Liangying to the basement of the mall. Do you know why the Fifth Mall was built in the first place? Liang Ying asked Shen Yingzhe as she walked. Isn't it to wish Qu Shouchuan and Si Ruxin a pair? Shen Yingzhe, the scheming and poisonous powder head, secretly poked the lock on these two people, and the key was thrown away. Mr. Qu may have meant this, but the sorcerer who was responsible for building the mall at the beginning should have been selfish. Liang Ying answered. In fact, people who know a little about Feng Shui should be able to see the weirdness of the fifth shopping mall. Qu Laozi is so superstitious, outdoor whirlpool ,massage bathtub manufacturers, how can he be easily fooled by sorcerers? This fifth shopping mall is built along the earth's vein. In fact, it is also a deliberate attempt to draw away the Yin Qi near Qu's house and try to prolong the outbreak of Qu Shouchuan's constitution. I have to say that Mr. Qu really took great pains for Qu Shouchuan. Now Qu Shouchuan is all right, and the fifth shopping mall is useless. Over the past two or three months, the cool cherry has repeatedly emptied the Yin Qi in the fifth shopping mall, and the thing buried at the bottom of the fifth shopping mall was probably starved, inadvertently revealing a trace of evil spirit, which allowed the cool cherry to capture its existence. He built a nest on the earth vein and nourished it with Yin Qi for twenty years. Once this thing is mature, tut. Shen Yingzhe followed Liangying all the way down until they came to a very old room. Is there a room here? After Shen Yingzhe took over the fifth shopping mall, he checked it inside and outside, and did not find such a room set up against the wall. There is a small magic array here, which will be revealed on the night of the full moon. The magic array doesn't work in front of the cool cherry, so it's easy for the cool cherry to find the door hidden in the wall. Violence opened the door lock and found that there was only a space less than two square meters inside, nothing in the room, only a well cover on the ground. Master, I feel something is wrong inside. The closer Shen Yingzhe was to the manhole cover, the more he could feel the evil spirit overflowing under the manhole cover. "Well, the stuff under the ground is almost ripe." Cool cherry does not let Shen Yingzhe start, but first open the manhole cover, blow on the face of all the evil spirit was mixed Lingzhu absorption. Shen Yingzhe intuitively saw that after the thick black gas dissipated, a hole with an iron escalator was exposed leading directly to the underground. Turn on the light of the mobile phone, and you can feel a cave below, with very beautiful broken stars. Shen Yingzhe jumped down with his master and soon fell on the hard ground. Here is a long and narrow cave of moderate size, enough for two people to stand side by side. In fact, after really falling inside, Shen Yingzhe found that there was no need for light at all, and there was a bright blue light in front of him. With their own lights, it interferes with the line of sight. Master, "Shen Yingzhe saw Liangying walking forward, took Liangying's hand, and then walked forward side by side with her.". The two men walked along the cave passage for about 20 meters, and when they turned a corner, Shen Yingzhe saw something emitting blue light. The author has something to say: Change 6000 words in the future? Because each chapter is divided into 3000 words, I will fall into a long sage time ORZ after the first chapter. 056 Black eats black It turned out to be a flower. All over the body, there was a faint blue light, no leaves, only a translucent pole, on which there was a white flower in bud,5 person hot tub, which looked like a crystal orchid. But the crystal orchid is definitely not as tall and strong as it is. Shen Yingzhe observed that it was 1.5 meters tall, and wondered if there were teeth hidden in its budding flower buds, which would snap off as soon as he approached. And the crystal orchid doesn't give off a chill. The stars on the wall of the cave are actually not crystals but frost. monalisa.com