The dream of that year

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However, after hanging up the phone, she regretted it. She looked at Zheng Yizhi. Did she like him? She liked him when

However, after hanging up the phone, she regretted it. She looked at Zheng Yizhi. Did she like him? She liked him when she was eleven years old, and the past is too far away. He sat in front of her, easy to get, but she was concerned about the man on the other end of the phone. She hurriedly ate the perch in front of her, hoping that the dinner would be over soon, so she had time to go to Yu Zhixi's place. Zheng Yizhi was talking to her, but her soul had already flown away. The waiter brought up a candle-lit cake. Zheng Yizhi didn't expect a cake. 'Beautiful! 'He said. "Hurry up and make a wish!" 'What Do you wish for? 'He hesitates. She peeked at her watch and urged him: 'Still Not making a wish? The candles are almost burnt out. 。’ He was usually very straightforward, but this day he was so fussy that he worried her to death. 'Yes, 'he said at last. 'Great! ' Before he could close his eyes and make a wish, she couldn't wait to blow out the candle on the cake. When the candle went out, he stared at her, not knowing whether he was embarrassed or sad, and his eyes were red. 'If You have something to do,metal cosmetic tubes, you go first! 'Zheng Yizhi said. No, I just thought you were going to blow out the candle. She lied. But everyone could tell it was a lie. They ate the cake in silence. Then he said, 'It's getting late. I'll take you home.' After returning home, she hurriedly changed her clothes and went out and ran to Yu Zhixi. She knocked on the door for a long time, but no one answered. Yu Zhixi is different from Zheng Yizhi. He won't wait for her forever. If she doesn't come,custom cosmetic packing, he may have a third or even a fourth backup. She left the place alone and desolate. What a terrible person she is? She ruined someone else's happy birthday. That man, and he loved her so. She came to Zheng Yizhi's house and knocked on the door. He answered the door. Seeing her, he was a little surprised and a little sad. She said, 'Can you lend me the money to go home?' When she was eleven years old, didn't she also borrow money from him outside his house? He didn't want to see her again, but when he saw her, he took pity on her again. 'How Much do you want? 'He asked. 'How Much is it from here to Hong Kong? ' He smiled. She threw herself into his arms and sobbed: 'Sorry, I didn't mean to. ' 'It Doesn't matter. ' He comforted her. Why are you so nice to me? Many people are better than me. ! You'll soon find out. I'm not worth it. I'm not perfect at all. Zheng Yizhi hugged her and kissed her lips. But what she was thinking about was the man who didn't love her. 'Sorry, I can't. ' She cried. She felt a sad despair in his eyes. She never believed in fate, but now she kind of does. She became someone else's backup, and another person became her backup. The backup has a backup. Is Yu Zhixi not the backup of the air hostess? The next day, aluminium laminated tube ,cosmetic tube, she returned to Yu Zhixi. 'Were You with your friends yesterday? 'He asked. She smiled. 'Are you jealous?' He didn't say anything. She is too wishful thinking, how can he protect it? 'Can You accompany me tomorrow? ' She asked. 'I'm Going to London tomorrow evening. ' 'Oh, is it? ' 'If I say, after tomorrow, we will not meet again, are you willing to give up? ' Yu Zhixi took off her clothes and asked: 'Don't You want to see me again? ' 'You May depend on others, but I may not. ' She gritted her teeth and said. He sucked her breasts hard, as if to make her change her mind, but more as if to mourn for his dependence on others. Aren't they two people who are in the same boat? She suddenly forgave him. 。 Two days later, she also went to London and stayed in the same hotel with Yu Zhixi. The last time I followed someone was when I was eleven years old, and that kind of tracking was happy. Today's tracking, however, is confused. Why did you come? She doesn't even know. 。 That night, she followed Yu Zhixi and the stewardess to Chinatown. The two men in front of her walked along affectionately, while she followed them in a lonely way. She saw the woman stop at a flower stall and buy a bunch of red roses. On Friday night in Chinatown, the crowd swarmed, and she had desperately followed them, only to lose sight of them. She looked around like a madwoman and finally came back to the flower stall. In the dark night, she was the only one who had nowhere to go. Her stalking tactics are really just a backup. Turning around, she saw Yu Zhixi and the woman sitting in a Chinese restaurant. She stood on the opposite sidewalk and looked at the two men in the restaurant. When Yu Zhixi spoke, he often gently stroked the woman's face. He never did that to her. Did he ever love her? He said the reason he couldn't love her was because she was too perfect. It was a lie she would never believe. All perfection is relative. She loves him, he does not love her, this is relative. Not loved by him, she was pitifully perfect. He, whom she loved, was proudly imperfect. She doesn't want to be perfect. If you can be loved by him, what's the harm? But He said she was too perfect. Seeing the imperfect man touch the woman's cheek again, she was finally willing to go. Far away in Hong Kong, there is a man waiting for her forever. She did not think that even he would go. After returning, she made a phone call to Zheng Yizhi. 'Would You like to have dinner with me? 'She asked. On the other end of the phone, he was silent. Don't you have time? Then forget it She hung up the phone. That's what she always does to him. A few days later, she looked for him again. 'Don't You want to see me? 'She asks proudly. 'OK. ' He said. They met at the Italian restaurant. She was deliberately dressed up, and she was afraid of losing him. Zheng Yizhi sat in front of her, but deep in his eyes,pump tube, he no longer had the respect and desire of the past. After leaving the restaurant, she deliberately got very close to him, but he was indifferent. Finally arrived at her home. She first said: 'Are You coming in? ' 。