Doctor Dan

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I think it's easy to solve." Gold card continued to say, "You must have a prescription, so you can let the Yi family in just a few months of time there are a large number of people promoted

"Then Mr. Lin will live here and become a member of the Daika clan, and I will let you live in this cave in the future." Gold card is very straightforward, burst out laughing, laughter is quite forthright, confidence is also very full, let Lin Yao very surprised. Just listening to this laughter, it is absolutely impossible to imagine that the other side looks like this. I appreciate the kindness of the gold card patriarch. I'm still not used to this kind of life, so I won't disturb it. Lin Yao hurriedly refused. After seeing the simplicity of the card, he was worried that if he said polite words and was taken seriously by the Miao people, he would be finished. It would be better to say his own opinion honestly. At this time, he could not delay time. But has Mr. Lin ever wondered why we brought you here? Jinka changed his tone and said strongly, "Do you think you'll have a chance to leave after you come?" Lin Yao stared at the gold card with a very innocent expression, and then pretended to be very angry, "but how can you do this?"? This is kidnapping! It's against the law! "As long as Mr. Lin hands over the prescription and we verify it, we'll let you go back. How about that?" The gold card was induced and a smile appeared on his face again. Old fox! Lin Yao heart secretly scolded, quickly overturned his previous point of view, who said Miao people are so simple? This is the biggest disproof in front of us. Lin Yao did not speak, he was too lazy to play any more tricks. Not to mention no prescription, even if there is a prescription can not be handed over, anyway,stainless steel tile edge trim, the gold card will not be able to embarrass themselves for a while and a half, the more you do not pay the more secure, such as grass out of the customs on everything. When Baoka saw that Lin Yao ignored him, he stood beside him and coughed heavily, reminding Lin Yao to pay attention to the reply, but he didn't think that Lin Yao had already regarded him as air. For a person who was the first to solve the problem when he escaped, Lin Yao didn't intend to get familiar with him at all. Mr. Lin,aluminum tile edge trim, maybe you have already felt it. Yes, this is a primeval forest. We are all Miao people. Jinka still looked at Lin Yao with a smile. "I don't know if you've heard that Miao people can play tricks. There are many tricks that can make people feel uncomfortable. I hope Mr. Lin won't have a chance to try." Threats! The threat of naked Luo! How ungraceful! Really no quality! A grand family patriarch, unexpectedly so threatens oneself this weak scholar, is simply too unreasonable. Lin Yao did not expect this situation before he came, he really did not expect the patriarch to be so dirty, even if you want to threaten, you have to send another person, how can the patriarch personally come forward to do this kind of thing? All of a sudden, Lin Yao's mind was full of yearning for the grass. He missed the grass very much. With the grass, not to mention the insects, he was not afraid of the insects. It is said that the insect can also benefit the grass from digestion and absorption. Now I don't know if the grass can continue to benefit from the insect, but it's easy to solve anyway, so don't worry too much. However, now the grass is still in seclusion, metal trim manufacturers ,stainless tile trim, if this insect enters its own body, will it bite her when the grass is weak, will she get hurt? All of a sudden, Lin Yao was so entangled that he had to look back at the chrysanthemum, "Gold Card Patriarch, how can you do this kind of thing in your capacity?"? Isn't that good? "I can do these things for the future of the Daika clan." Jinka's concise words made Lin Yao's heart fall to the bottom of the valley. Chief Jinka, I have a few questions to clarify first. I hope you can answer me first so that I can make a decision. Lin Yao's expression is extremely serious, since can not escape, must first make things clear. As the folk saying goes, even if you die, you should be a full ghost. Jinka nodded and agreed, but did not speak. He felt Lin Yao's seriousness. First of all, I don't believe you found out about me yourself, so someone must have gone out of their way to tell you about me, and I want to know who he or they are. Secondly, with my understanding of you and my own ability, I don't think there is anything I can do to help you. Who told you that I have a prescription? What do you know about my abilities? Third, I want to know how you are going to arrange me. Don't tell me to live here for the rest of my life. In that case, you can provide for my old age directly. Don't expect to know a word from my mouth. ” Lin Yao finished in one breath, holding the armrest of the rattan chair with both hands and sitting down, no longer smiling, no frowning, only looking faintly at the gold card. Jinka stood up from his chair and walked slowly to Lin Yao's side. He looked down at Lin Yao. "Mr. Lin, you are right. All this was informed by someone. Your residence in Chengdu, including the departure of Yi Fei, was specially informed by someone. Our people have lived in Chengdu for more than half a month before they found the opportunity." "I do not deny this, but please forgive me, I can not tell you their identity, because the Miao people do not betray their companions." Lin Yao curled his lips and did not speak, thinking that you were so sure that the other side was well-intentioned? Don't be sold and help count the money! "As for your second question, I think it's easy to solve." Gold card continued to say, "You must have a prescription, so you can let the Yi family in just a few months of time there are a large number of people promoted, and even some people reached the peak of the day and the level, which was unimaginable a few months ago, when the whole Yi family had only one level in the middle, Yi even went crazy and paralyzed for a few years, don't tell me that it's not your credit!" "There must be a prescription. If you don't say it and let us try it, how can you know it's right for us." Uh Does the Daika family have no effect? So we don't need to know much at all to judge that you have the ability to help us. "As for your third question, I think it's easy to solve." Jinka bent down and put his head close to Lin Yao, so that he could see the chrysanthemums all over his face. "As long as the cooperation is successful, we will place a bewitching insect in Mr. Lin's body and let you go back to Chengdu." Seeing Lin Yao quietly, Jinka secretly praised the boy's strong psychological quality and continued to add, "You can rest assured that this insect will not be harmful, just let you promise not to reveal the secret of our Daika family,stainless steel edging strip, which will not affect your life." "Go to hell!" Lin Yao in the heart secretly scolds a sentence, unexpectedly said that the bewitching insect does not affect! If such a big insect enters the body, may it not affect it? That kind of psychological pressure alone is enough to keep people awake.