A thousand mountains

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A thousand mountainsA thousand mountainsA thousand mountainsA thousand mountainsA thousand mountains

The end of the safe competition here, the previous also passed the article test, the martial arts test results listed, five princes with Yongding Hou to discuss a total score ranking, Li Yu came. Li Yu was born in Hou Fu, this birth is not low, but in the imperial capital is not low, Li Yu's particularity is that he has a great mother. Therefore, he asked to see the five princes, the bottom of the people really dare not stop. Fortunately, the education of the Li family was good, and Li Yu did not rush to the mansion, quietly waiting for someone to inform him. When the five princes heard that Cousin Li had come, they gave him a meal and said, "Please ask Cousin Li to go to the Flower Hall for tea. I'll be right there." Wu than the total ranking personally transcribed, to Xue Changshi posted out, and then with Yongding Hou way, "now is the time to employ people, this comparison, is also good to give them the meaning of the appointment.". "I wanted to keep the Marquis for dinner, but my cousin has just arrived here. I'll go and see him first. The Marquis will come over tomorrow, and we'll discuss the matter of arranging positions for them." The five princes had always been happy, and Wu Bi came out and had a number in mind for each of them. The five princes had no excuse for the appointment. Here, the Cui family is the big head. Yongding Hou smiled, "Li Gongzi came all the way here, I'm afraid he had something to do.". Waiting for a great victory in Fujian, the old minister is still afraid that Wang Ye has no good wine to eat here. Two people gossip one or two, YongDing Hou is not much to stay, quit. Li Yu is two years older than the five princes, and slightly taller than the five princes. The Li brothers are not bad in appearance,artificial coconut palm trees, but Li Yu is less gentle and elegant than Li Xuan, and more cold. On the way, the five princes asked where they had found Cousin Li. This, this steward who leads the way doesn't know either? Five princes stare at the steward, useless things, this do not know to ask. When the five princes arrived at the flower hall, they immediately changed their smiling appearance. "I've been looking forward to my cousin for many days. My cousin finally came over." Fortunately, Li Yu was found. The five princes breathed a sigh of relief. The five princes asked, "Where did my cousin come from?" "When I arrived in Fujian, I heard that your Highness was recruiting soldiers, and I went to my eldest brother." Li Yu stood up and saluted,silk ficus tree, and the five princes hurriedly said, "You and my brother, you don't have to be polite.". A few days ago, I received a letter from my aunt, and my father also sent an order. The elders were all thinking about my cousin. "If I don't come out quietly, how can I come out?" Li Yu is direct, and not the children of dignitaries speak in a roundabout way, he said, "I heard the eldest brother said that your Highness has a martial arts test here." The five princes said, "I just finished the competition, and the ranking was posted out." Li Yu The maid brought the tea, and the five princes had been prepared for Li Yu's coming. At this time, his heart moved and he said, "My cousin must have genuine talent and learning, so he came here to recommend himself.". And, if not solid to join the army, cousin also can't take this trouble thousands of miles to Fujian. How about this? Cousin and Miss Jiang have a competition. Cousin wins Miss Jiang. Let's talk about the military position. Otherwise, there are many dangerous things in the army, and I can't see my cousin in danger. Li Yu frowned, "Miss Jiang?" You, you told me to compete with a girl! The five princes explained, fake ficus tree ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, "Cousin, don't believe it. Just the first one in the martial arts test, Miss Jiang said she was not as good as her.". I have seen Miss Jiang's martial arts with my own eyes, and she is really a first-class master. My cousin must defeat her, or I can't rest assured any more. Li Yu also came from the imperial capital. After thinking about it, he said, "Miss Jiang?"? Are you good with your sister Moru, the girl of the Song family? Five princes smile jaw head. Li Yu was not ill-informed. He had also heard of Jiang Xingyun's reputation in the imperial capital. They all said that Jiang Xingyun's martial arts were good. Yongding Hou will not do to let their own children with Jiang Xingyun, Li Yu doesn't care, the women he knows are tough, and, Xie Mo such as young is a fierce, with Xie Mo such as good friends, that must also be a fierce. When a woman is strong, she is not inferior to a man. Li Yu said, "according to your Highness, when will we arrange the contest?" "My cousin has just come," said the fifth prince. "I've asked the princess to prepare a banquet here. I'll wait for my cousin to rest for a day. What about tomorrow?" Li Yu also answered, but also graceful, "Your Highness let Miss Jiang prepare for life, that, she is a woman in the end, I try not to hurt her." The five princes sincerely suggested, "Cousin, take care of yourself first." Li Yu secret way, early heard five princes is an honest person, this, this also too honest, also not afraid to say so I lose face. Five princes are not afraid of Li Yu to lose face, want Li Yu to lose to Jiang Xingyun, that is to lose face. In a word, the five princes are quite graceful here in Li Yu, mainly because Li Yu has a good upbringing, uncle and brother had a meal at noon, Xie Moru also ordered people to clean up out of the guest house. Li Yu went to have a rest, and the five princes had to discuss with his daughter-in-law about asking Jiang Xingyun to make a move. The five princes said, "Cousin Yu didn't have such a temperament when he was young. He used to be the most informal, but now his temperament has changed greatly." Xie Moru believed in the vision of the five princes, but also breathed a sigh of relief, saying, "That's good, so it can be placed." Five princes first said a few good words for Li Yu, in the view of five princes, Li Yu is really good, came all the way to join the army, but also willing to reason, the latter one is very rare. Then, the five princes told Jiang Xingyun to fight with Li Yu. Xie Moru said, "You really have a way." "Isn't Miss Jiang good at martial arts?". Otherwise, how can I really trust Cousin Yu to go to the army? "You all promise to come down and I'll ask Xingyun." The five princes said, "Where do you think cousin Yu should go?"? He has come all the time and will never leave. Xie Moru said directly, "Lord Liu." The five princes raised their eyebrows, "Jiujiang, after all, they are brothers." "Jiujiang is only in charge of recruiting soldiers, and when the recruitment is over, he has to go back to Min'an to take charge of military supplies.". Jiujiang is a considerate person, they are brothers, put Li Yu in his hands, naturally can be considerate. However, Li Yu, neither married nor had children, so far away, he is necessary to go to the army. You can't fool him about logistics. Lord Liu is still short of a deputy. Lord Liu, let him practice Li Yu first. If Li Yu can experience it, it's not a bad thing. Then Xie Moru changed his words. "Besides,silk cherry blossom tree, both of them are green hands. Anyway, there are only a thousand recruits. Let them toss about." The five princes laughed. "You're getting up, too." 。 hacartificialtree.com