Harem ascendancy

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Harem ascendancyHarem ascendancyHarem ascendancyHarem ascendancyHarem ascendancy

Seeing no one around, the little maid of honor opened her mouth in a low voice: "Master.". Shen Guifei now gave birth to a baby safely. What gifts are we going to give? The word "gift" is very strong. Bai Yiran glared at her: "Of course, I have to prepare a gift, but I need to look at it.". You don't need to speculate on my mind. "The maidservant knows," replied the maid. The maidservant thinks too much. "You followed me at the beginning of entering the palace, but now you are still so reckless, some things must not be done too much, but also to size up the situation.". Shen Guifei is now in the limelight, and you see that production posture, if there is no emperor's handwriting, I do not believe how. We live in peace, and we don't have to mess with her. From the beginning to the end, I didn't want to fall out with her. Bai said leisurely as he walked, in a low voice, but it was safe to be surrounded by emptiness. The maidservant understood. Bai Yiran raised a smile: "For no reason, do I want to harm people?". But Bai Xiaodie, damn it, I'm just using my strength to fight. Here we go. Now this is very good. I'll be safe with my child. Although she did not do it herself, she knew the good way to use her strength, and she was well aware of the weakness of Bai Xiaodie's character. Sure enough, I got good results these times. But it is precisely because of this,Faux cherry blossom tree, she has some of the emperor's suspicion, although the emperor seems to be gentle and affectionate, but she Bai Yiran is not a person looking forward to love, Jing Di this person, she is also some analysis. That day she sprinkled the talcum powder, this is to let the emperor pay more attention to their own pregnant, who would have thought, was actually the imperial concubine and Ann Xiuyi in the recruit. She knew that Ann Xiuyi had been investigating the events of that day. She can't believe that conclusion. Also thanks to the German imperial concubine crime,fake ficus tree, if not, how can she use the German imperial concubine side trust big palace maid to plant this matter on her body? Smiling, Bai Yiran thought to himself: "It's not jumping out of the crevice of the stone, even if it's loyalty, it's also parents and sisters.". De Fei, you are too conceited! After thinking about this matter, an Xiuyi will not keep staring at her, however, when they give birth to the disaster really can not escape the imperial concubine and an Xiuyi, that is, do not know, which is done? It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. She'll find out if she knows the truth. Clenched her fist, she must let the man repay a thousand times and a hundred times. The investigation can't stop, but remember to be very careful. "The maidservant understands, and the master can rest assured." VIP Section 124 The twelfth lunar month woke up in a daze and moved his hands and feet. Where is the child? There is no one around to take care of you. But although her body was a little weak, faux grass wall ,faux ficus tree, she had no feeling of giving birth. She was a little puzzled. When she looked closely again, her face turned white. Here, here? Hurriedly get out of bed, look around, at this time the face of the twelfth lunar month has no trace of blood. This is not Qingan Palace. This is, this is, this is her previous life, the bedroom of her previous life? How did this happen? How did this happen? The twelfth lunar month flurried around, but to no avail. Brocade heart, brocade heart. There was no response. December hurriedly rushed to the dressing table, looking at the figure in the mirror, where is this just produced, only 16 years old Shen December? This is clearly her twenty-three years old. How can it be so? Is it difficult? Is it difficult that everything before is just a dream? Zhuanggong Dream Butterfly? The twelfth lunar month can't believe all this. Continue to shout: "Apricot-" Still no one responded. The whole bedroom was like a desolate island, and no matter who she called, no one answered. The twelfth lunar month has been confused at this time, if if all that is a dream, the emperor is a dream, the Shen family is the dream, her child is the dream, then why not let her live in the dream all the time? Why come back to reality? Why? At this time of the twelfth lunar month, the spirit had already collapsed, and he was out of the bedroom in a daze. Where's the baby? Where's her baby? Out of her bedroom, there were many people outside. Where are you, apricot? She asked. But no one answered her. Holding the food boxes in their hands, the two little eunuchs looked at the palace and said, "Look, how could this beautiful palace be burned like this?"? Tut! The twelfth lunar month unknown so, along their line of sight back, in the heart Huo of a surprised. When she came out just now, the palace was fine, but it turned out to have been attacked by flames. Full of desolation. The twelfth lunar month was taken aback, but it was also taken back. Looking at the two little eunuchs, she raised her voice a little. Only to find that they still didn't seem to see her. I bite my lip in the twelfth lunar month. I don't know what happened. But at this time she is not all do not know, after all, before she can be reborn, although now strange fierce, but she is still not as panic as just now. Why did she come back? Why is that? Is this a dream? Or is the previous rebirth a dream? The twelfth lunar month did not know anything, but it was along this obsession that she came to the Xuanming Hall, where no one could see her. Seeing Laixi standing in front of the door, his face looked a little older than before. The month of the twelfth lunar month passed him directly, but he knew nothing about it. With her head tilted, she came to the Xuanming Hall of the Emperor. She did not know why she had come here, and although she was weak, she did not need rest. Emperor Jing was not alone in the inner room. When he stepped into the threshold in the twelfth lunar month, he saw Lai Fu kneeling down. At this time, Laifu did not laugh as he used to, but reported cautiously and respectfully. Six Wang Ye went to see the queen mother,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, should be to mention the matter of marrying Yue Feng. Is Liu Wang Ye going to marry Yue Feng? The twelfth lunar month was taken aback and looked at Emperor Jing. But it was clear that the two men did not know of her arrival. Kill her and let the dark guard pretend to be Yue Feng to marry her. Emperor Jing made a prompt decision. But in the twelfth lunar month, I felt a chill in my heart. Don't, don't kill my cousin. What about the in-laws? 。 hacartificialtree.com