Zichuan _ Laozhu _ txt Novel Paradise

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Zichuan _ Laozhu _ txt Novel ParadiseZichuan _ Laozhu _ txt Novel ParadiseZichuan _ Laozhu _ txt Novel ParadiseZichuan _ Laozhu _ txt Novel Paradise

When the cavalry disappeared, Zichuan Xiucai smirked twice: "Fortunately, Shirakawa's wife is not here, otherwise we will be in trouble.." Turning to Gu Lei and other members of the guard: "When Shirakawa asked …" You should know how to do it. Gu Lei replied with a straight face, "Don't worry, we can't see or hear anything!" "That's a wise man!" Zi Chuan Xiu began to look around: "Where can I find a place where no one can put up a tent?"? Not there. It's too empty. There's no atmosphere. Here, tut, there are too many mosquitoes, and it's not cool to do it. As he spoke, he stared at the girl with his lustful eyes until he could see her. ※※※ "I am the third princess of the Protoss King, Cardan.". I am a member of the royal family, and I demand to be treated in accordance with my status! The maiden professed her identity in trilling, stately words. The sound of the guards inhaling at the same time was particularly loud. Gu Lei said in a low voice: "Lord, my Lord, this woman can not mess up, or the military justice department will find us in trouble." Zi Chuan Xiu did not look back: "Gu Lei,faux ficus tree, you look like a pig!" " "This is a big harvest," he murmured. www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM Section 5 Return of the Hero "Oh, it's a good thing I'm so agile that I was almost split by you!" Zi Chuan Xiu was still in shock. "Bai Dui Qi Ben, you are too reckless. Does this Qi Ben really look like the kind of lascivious person who molests ignorant girls?"? Ah, Gulei, what's that look on your faces? Unconvinced, Shirakawa argued,silk ficus tree, "My Lord, think about it. In the dead of night, in an empty tent, you are holding a strange girl in your arms. How can I imagine you to your subordinates?" Zi Chuan Xiu: "You should think like this: this girl must be the third princess of the Demons, Cardan. She is a very important captive to our army. Now she must have fainted because she was too frightened by the captive, and your superior Xiu Chuan Qi, who has a noble character, is preparing to do artificial respiration for her without selfishness. This is the normal assumption!" Shirakawa: Shit.. How could you possibly want to go there?! Zi Chuan Xiu: "That proves that you don't watch enough Hong Kong TV series. There are many such plots." Shirakawa: My Lord, what did you say? Zi Chuan Xiu: "Oh, it's all right. I mixed up the time and space. Everyone thought I didn't hear it." Shirakawa: "Even if the princess of the Demons has fainted-anyone can give her artificial respiration. Why are you here?" Zi Chuan Xiu: "Since anyone can give her artificial respiration-why can't I come?" …… Zi Chuan Xiu: "Report the situation, Bai Duqi Ben.". Shirakawa: Yes, artificial plant wall panels ,outdoor ficus tree, my Lord. After five hours of fighting, the Demons may have suffered between 20,000 and 30,000 casualties. We have captured their camp and grain team. The 53 white cloaks of the Demons (the white cloak refers to the leader of the Demon regiment, wearing a white cloak) were killed by our troops. Twenty-one of them were killed by our troops, nineteen by Changchuan troops, three were captured, and 10 are still missing. Zi Chuan Xiu nodded: "Roger's deputy flag has just sent the battle report. He got seven white cloaks there. It is estimated that the number of enemies killed is about ten thousand. It is certain that the main force of the Demons has basically ceased to exist. The rest is just the work of sweeping the battlefield.". Shirakawa bowed: "This is a big victory, my Lord, congratulations, you are really hard!" " Scold inside abdomen: "Yes, sleep, eat and drink, make a woman …" It's so hard! "Oh, it's rare for you to be so considerate of this officer …" To be honest, I'm still really hard. After a tiring day, it's time for me to have a rest now-the white flag has already served you, so please do the guard work of the base camp! Shirakawa secretly compared his middle finger and respectfully asked, "My Lord, Xiaoguan has something I don't know and I want to ask for advice.". ” Zi Chuan Xiu: "Oh?" Shirakawa: "According to the captives, the reason why the Demon army was defeated was that the commander and the deputy commander were assassinated by a mysterious assassin. None of our frontline commanders knew about it. I don't know how your excellency learned about it and ordered us to attack." Zi Chuan Xiu looked surprised: "I ordered you to attack?"? Is there such a thing? No, this is the order given by the white flag book yourself, isn't it? Shirakawa: "My Lord, didn't you say..." Zi Chuan Xiu: "Oh, at that time you asked me, you said Roger wanted to attack, I said who love to go to who …" Is that right? You and Roger decided this whole thing from start to finish? When did I ever give you an order to ride? Shirakawa looked back and imagined that this was indeed the case, but at that time Zichuan Xiu's tone. Fortunately, I won. If I lost, I would have to take all the responsibility. I broke out in a cold sweat. You don't have to be afraid. If you win anyway, will the prosecutor's office pursue you for misrepresenting military orders? Zichuan Xiu seemed to guess what was on Shirakawa's mind. Youyou said, "Tomorrow we will take the team back to Shaga City, and the mopping-up will be handed over to the troops of Gexi Qiben.". Shirakawa worried: "But my Lord, we finally beat down this situation, should follow up the victory!" " Zi Chuan Xiu: "If we take all the credit, the other troops will say that we don't know how to advance or retreat-then we will have a hard time." He walked lazily to the tent and said, "It's late at night. Let's have a rest, too.". I have to travel tomorrow. Shirakawa was suddenly enlightened: with thirty thousand troops to defeat eighty thousand Demon troops,large artificial blossom trees, Zichuan Xiu's contribution is so great that no one can take it away. Since this is the case, we might as well do a favor so that others won't hate him too much. It's really a watertight consideration! Watching his back disappear, I feel more and more unable to see him clearly. ……。 hacartificialtree.com