True love is between the supporting roles of quick wear

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True love is between the supporting roles of quick wearTrue love is between the supporting roles of quick wear

Pull up the hard to find in the wine, Jiang Lanqing dragged her out, here the environment is so bad, noisy music so that he can not distinguish, he hates here. However, the female partner has drunk too much, how can she leave like this! I haven't finished my wine yet! Who are you? Let go of me! Let go of me! Jiang Leyi indulges his drunkenness, no matter who he is, today the King of Heaven Lao Tzu came and didn't want to take away his wine! "Le Yi, it's me, your uncle!" However, the voice was immediately covered up by the music, not to mention that Jiang Leyi drank so much that she was delirious that she could not tell who the other party was. A glass of wine was brought over, "Hey, handsome boy, don't talk nonsense, come on, I'll buy you a drink!" Jiang Leyi proudly waved to the waiter, "Come on, give this handsome guy another cup.." Suddenly I felt my body empty. "What are you doing! Put me down! I'm telling you! Don't mess with me! Put me down! His body kept wriggling to leave, but he was forcibly strangled by his strong arms, carried out of the miscellaneous bar and stuffed into the car. [Since I came to this world, I feel that the male God seems to be self-taught to light up the princess hug skills ⊙] "Don't make a scene." Sitting in the driver's seat,information kiosk price, Jiang Lanqing planned to fasten Jiang Leyi's seat belt. The strong smell of alcohol made him frown. He bent over and was about to buckle it, but he was hugged. Zhen Lin.. "The murmur made Jiang Lanqing frown more deeply:" Le Yi, let go! " "Don't let go!"! Why should I let you go! I like you so much! Why do you want to be with that woman who is not as good as me? Jiang Leyi hugged more and more tightly, "I don't want you to be with other women!"! You are the best to me! We can be together! Why, you have to choose her, I have nothing! You're all I have! Why, even you have to leave me! Don't go, I beg you don't go. "Jiang Lanqing obviously felt that the skirt of his chest was wet by the tears of the woman in his arms and stuck to his skin.". Silly child,touch screen kiosk, Jiang Lanqing moved his lips, and finally stretched out his hand and hugged her back with pity: "Well, don't go." Jiang Leyi only felt a warm and clean smell, a little familiar, rubbed, is the so-called wine strong courage, feeling like the boy is holding himself, happily sent out his kiss of love. 2835 Two eyes are almost hundreds of watts of light bulbs: "Kiss!"! Kissed! The male God was forcibly kissed again! [On the constitution of male gods being forcibly kissed] There is no mosaic! There is no dislocation! HD! Kaisen! ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿ Lick, soft, # ^ _ ^ # should not be like this, there is something missing, Jiang Leyi felt a little strange, just want to take a step closer, the small sparrow tongue opened a stunned male God's teeth, fork off, but opened his mouth, facial recognition thermometer ,temperature scanning kiosks, bit hard, that's right! The corners of the male God's mouth immediately swelled up, and his lips were about to bite out a little blood. Good sexy, this system also wants to lick, the male God quickly gathers together! But the space is different, how to love each other! Fall () B] The male God buckled his seat belt in the same color and shook a woman who was about to fall asleep: "Le Yi, why do you hate your uncle so much?" Don't mention him to me! He took me to Chiang's house and never gave me a good look! What does he take me for! Compensatory paraphernalia for a deceased sworn brother? *** him! My father died for them, and he took me to make a doll over there! Just listen to them, be good! Do you know? I used to try to prove that I was great. I just wanted to make my bastard uncle happy. I got the first place in the exam and called him. Do you know? He didn't care about my grades at all, and asked me how I knew the phone number of the military region, and said I made a phone call secretly! Tell Uncle Zhong to punish me for standing in the rain all afternoon! They don't like me, Zhenlin.. The original problem is here, this kind of trivial matter has never been in the heart of the original owner, he also only Jiang Leyi as a small soldier under him, want to train her to be as good as her father's soldier, in order to comfort the original owner eldest brother's soul in heaven, but, after all, there are too many mistakes, too many misunderstandings.. "I'm sorry, Leyi.." Jiang Lanqing drove the car to a hotel and carried Jiang Leyi out of the car. [Is the male God enlightened? He plans to take the perfect strategy of adults in this system from body to heart \ (^ o ^)/] Ignoring the "interesting" eyes of other people and a certain system, Jiang Lanqing opened only one room and carried the female ticket to bed.. [The light shall be pulled here] The next morning. Ah Accompanied by a cry of surprise, a system opened its eyes, what, did not wake up, what, the good feeling dropped to minus 60! "What have you done?" Jiang Leyi was about to slap him. You drank too much last night. According to the rules of the Chiang family, you can't go home. I told the waitress to change out of your drunken vomit clothes. Jiang Lanqing caught the hand indifferently, "now that you're awake, go to school." Favorable rating back to minus 30. The author has something to say: Some system has something to say: I thought something wonderful was going to happen, and then I watched the male God busy in the first half of the night.. Finally, lie on the sofa in the living room. [Fall.jpg] As for why to pull the light? Don't you pull the light when you sleep at night! I am a pure and good writer, la-la-la-la There is a long way to go, the male God continues to chase the female ticket, the perfect sentence! The Little Uncle Who Became a Female Ticket (6) "I'm sorry." Jiang Leyi knew that he was wrong about him, too, what was he thinking about! Wait. What's the state of his lips. Feeling the hot eyes of the female ticket, Jiang Lanqing found that he had forgotten to cover up a place, his face showed a trace of unnaturalness, he bit his lip to try to cover up something, and finally turned around: "Don't hurry up." "Uncle, these days is the sports meeting, I do not go also.." Jiang Leyi heard urging is frowning in disgust, suddenly the mind flashed a few pictures, and so on, last night as if he dreamed of kissing Zhenlin, difficult, not dream, but really kissed, or kissed uncle! Jiang Leyi's eyes were wide open, and she.. When Jiang Lanqing heard that he was not in a hurry to go to school,digital signage screen, he sat down calmly: "Le Yi, you were drunk last night.". Fang Zhenlin bullied you, didn't he? 。