Cohabitation of beautiful women in online games

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Cohabitation of beautiful women in online gamesCohabitation of beautiful women in online gamesCohabitation of beautiful women in online games

When Shi Zhongyu and others were dying, Shi Zhongyu suddenly felt warm all over. Shi Zhongyu smiled and finally stayed within the treatment range of the priests. Of course, these magic tail scorpions also entered the attack range of the long-range attack professional players. Countless arrows rain, magic skills left in the monster crowd, immediately the magic tail scorpion was killed and wounded, the pressure of Shi Zhongyu and others was greatly reduced, but there are many magic tail scorpion hatred value was taken away by the group of players on the tower, countless tail thorns flew to the tower. Ji Rufeng's complexion changed greatly: "The people on the gate tower listen carefully, all stop attacking." Just that a small group of magic tail scorpions attack the players on the tower, of course, also caused some casualties, but Shi Zhongyu and others have successfully insisted on the gate, the players outside the gate are only Shi Zhongyu and Ji Rufeng. But these two people are not damaged at all. Why? Although the magic tail scorpions have no target to attack, only attack these two people, but there are nearly five hundred priests on the tower, they can not find the target of treatment, ah, but also keep adding blood to these two people. I can finally go back to the city. Shi Zhongyu smiled. Ji Rufeng saw that the surviving players had returned to the city, and also showed a smile: "Fortunately, these magic tail scorpions are long-range attack professions, not far away, otherwise,ultrasonic extraction cbd, it will be troublesome to follow us into the city." Just finished, Ji Rufeng's face changed again, because he saw a huge magic tail scorpion not far away, BOSS finally appeared. If you just let the ordinary magic tail scorpion attack, the city can hold on for a while, but the lethality of BOSS is hard to say, it should be several times stronger than the ordinary magic tail scorpion, if BOSS has a little more intelligence quotient, order this group of magic tail scorpions to kill,ultrasonic generator driver, only attack one place, that's ***ed up, the wall of this tofu dregs project will definitely collapse in an instant. Let's go back to the city first. Shi Zhongyu pulled Ji Rufeng into the city. Magic tail scorpions saw Shi Zhongyu and Ji Rufeng these two guys into the city, hurriedly chased the past, unfortunately, the original wide open gate, because the remaining players are less and less, so the door is getting smaller and smaller, only Shi Zhongyu and Ji Rufeng two people, the gate has almost only one person to go in, so when the two people came in, Several people guarding the city hurriedly closed the door. Although most of the people came back alive, Ji Rufeng still frowned. Now that the monsters have all gathered under the gate tower, let the group of players on the gate tower come down and change to the melee class to play group attack skills. Although their skills have a five-second cooldown, they are much safer than magicians and archers. They just need to arrange for the priests to heal far away. Shi Zhongyu said. Ji Rufeng nodded to arrange, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and soon, Ji Ruyue and others came down from the wall. Shi Zhongyu saw her with a worried face and comforted her by saying, "Don't worry too much. When these soldiers go up, it shouldn't take long to kill these magic tail scorpions. When they kill those magic tail scorpions, I will go out to fight against BOSS immediately. You so many magicians and archers put skills in the back together. It's not easy to kill BOSS." This round will survive. Ji Ruyue nodded, Shi Zhongyu said that the magic tail scorpion outside was almost dead, and from the moment BOSS appeared, there would be no new magic tail scorpion. How's the gear on you? I've just been attacked by so many magic tail scorpions. Is the durability almost over? Ji Ruyue asked. Shi Zhongyu looked at the equipment on his body, and the cold sweat made him dissatisfied with Shi Zhongyu's forehead. The highest durability is the helmet, only six points, the lowest durability is the chest armor, only one point, my character is really not generally good, I estimate that in a few minutes, the durability of my equipment should be zero, when the time comes, the equipment on my body can be a little bit of attributes are gone, wearing is just a burden ah. However, this is not dead, I admire myself, there will be a blessing after the disaster, you wait for me to go out to kill BOSS. Shi Zhongyu laughed and said. Ji Ruyue gave him a white look: "Don't talk nonsense, take the time to repair the equipment.". ” Shi Zhongyu has to make, the lower the durability of equipment, the more expensive the cost of repair, but because of the relationship between guarding the city, it is free, let Shi Zhongyu greatly cool, otherwise, repair the whole body of equipment, at least thousands of yuan. Fortunately, there is no such thing as soul death as the large amount of level 50 dark gold equipment brought out from the ancient house, which can still be repaired. After repairing the equipment, Shi Zhongyu rushed to the city gate. You're finally back. You can wipe out all the magic tail scorpions in 30 seconds at most. Get ready to go out and fight against BOSS. Ji Ruyue said. Baidu search and read the latest and most complete novel Chapter 322 kill BOSS in seconds. Shi Zhongyu has been fully prepared, waiting for the people above to clean up all the monsters, suddenly, the gate appeared a diameter of half a meter thick tail thorn, Shi Zhongyu and others frowned at the same time, they all recognized that this tail thorn belongs to the magic tail scorpion BOSS. At this time, more than ten knights came over and said, "You can open the gate. There are few magic tail scorpions outside." Opening the door, Shi Zhongyu and the more than ten knights swarmed out, leaving less than fifty magic tail scorpions outside, and almost all of them turned into empty blood. At this time, the players on the tower released their skills again, and successfully killed all these magic tail scorpions. The more than ten knights who came out with Shi Zhongyu used provocative skills to pull hatred. Since there were so many people rushing to pull hatred, Shi Zhongyu naturally would not follow them. These knights were big men, not girls, and Shi Zhongyu did not care if they would get hurt. A long-range throwing knife was thrown in the past, and then Shi Zhongyu knocked lightly in the horse's belly. Luma immediately understood the meaning of Shi Zhongyu,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and the brutal collision was used immediately. Although the magic tail scorpion BOSS looked very burly, reaching more than three meters high, it was still knocked down.