I like you a little more than I did yesterday -- listening to the rain

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I like you a little more than I did yesterday -- listening to the rainI like you a little more than I did yesterday -- listening to the rain

Gu Yinmian raised the corners of his mouth and said, "I've met her once for a hundred-day banquet. What's there to talk about?" Su Xiaocan froze. Gu Yinmian raised a pair of deep eyes: "Mom, I didn't expect that you, who have traveled all over the world, would use stability to define the quality of your work." Gu Yinmian's tone is very calm. Not slow, nor superfluous ups and downs. If the tone is slightly higher, it seems to be full of sarcasm. Gu Tangli blinked at Sangyu. As if to say, is worthy of the eldest brother, finally can let the mother also taste the taste of being speechless. Sang Yu listened in a daze. Is Gu Yinmian in a bad mood? Although he usually spoke with a venomous tongue, it was somewhat different from today. Su Xiaocan didn't expect her eldest son to be rude to her at all. She stared at Gu Yinmian with grievance. Seeing that her son didn't buy it, she had to break the pot: "You smelly boy, you know I'm asking you to go on a blind date and pretend to be garlic with your mother, right?"? Your grandfather has arranged a lot of blind dates for you before. I have seen the pictures of some of the girls, and they are obviously excellent. So what the hell do you mean? To tell you the truth, I am most worried about you in our family. You are serious and silent and have no interest. Mom is really worried that you can't even fall in love. Do you think it's enough just to be handsome! If you don't take the initiative, why should the girl be dead set on following you? Su Xiaocan's long speech made Gu Tangli a little unbearable. "Mom," she said, "the market is very good. In this world, many women only look at their faces." "Don't get involved with your child." Su Xiaocan was angry that her daughter did not stand on the United front with her. "Hum, be careful that your eldest brother's today is your tomorrow." He said to Gu Yinmian in all earnestness, "Yinmian, we are not urging you to get married. We are afraid that you will make yourself too tight. Falling in love can make you relaxed. Don't just think about work in your prime.". Besides, grandpa is still in the hospital, if you bring a girlfriend to see him, how happy he will be! Maybe the disease will get better faster. "Mom,ultrasonic spray nozzle, forget the moral kidnapping." Gu Tangli actively complained for Gu Yinmian. Su Xiaocan was choked, and she was unwilling to seek an alliance: "What do you think of Sang Sang?" Sang Yu, who tried to reduce his sense of existence, looked embarrassed. If it hadn't happened that night, she might still be able to stay out of it and say something, but at the moment. In the strange atmosphere, Gu Yinmian put down his bowls and chopsticks without warning and got up to leave the table. "" Su Xiaocan looked after his son's back and said coquettishly, "Yin Mian, are you a child?"? Still angry with your mother? Again with that? Gu Yinmian had a little more helplessness between his eyebrows and eyes. He stopped, his dark brown eyes fixed on the three women in the house. That kind of eyes always seem very distant and cold. Yin sleep ah, "Su Xiaocan immediately smile curved eyebrows, decided to act shamelessly," Mom this is not worried about you, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, you. " "I have someone I like." Simple four words, but like stormy waves, shocked everyone. Including mulberry. Su Xiaocan was stupefied with a face of disbelief. Gu Tangli is shocked likewise, she stutters ask: "Big, eldest brother, you did not deceive people?" Gu Yinmian seemed to have nothing to do with Sang Yu, whose eyes were frozen, and his voice was faint: "Why should I lie?" "God!" Su Xiaocan held his face in both hands and said excitedly, "Hurry up, take the girl home and let's have a look!" "No." "Why not?"? We're just treating her to a simple meal! It won't scare people away. Gu Yinmian frowned and said indifferently, "We haven't confirmed our relationship yet." People: "… …" Gu Tangli nearly choked and patted her chest and asked tentatively, "She doesn't like you?" Gu Yinmian did not make a sound. Such an expression, on the contrary, seems to acquiesce. Su Xiaocan Gu Tangli's mother and daughter looked at each other with wonderful expressions. Their own son, their own brother, despite their dislike, in fact, they are very proud of Gu Yinmian. Gu Tangli was the first one who was not happy. She pounded the table and said, "Which girl?"? How can you be so blind? Why doesn't she like you? Su Xiaocan echoed with true feelings: "Yes, my family is the best place to sleep." The forehead oozes a thin sweat, and the mulberry is on pins and needles. The more excited and angry Tangtang and her aunt became, the more nervous she became. Is Gu Yinmian talking about her? Sang Yu felt as if she was, but she was afraid that she would flatter herself and misunderstand him. This is not the relationship between them. Gu Tangli is still angry: "I really do not understand ah, eldest brother, how can you let yourself fall into such a situation?" Su Xiaocan patted her daughter on the back of her hand: "Although your brother has both talent and beauty, his character is a hard injury. Do you think your eldest brother will chase people?"? It must be the wrong way. Gu Tangli thought about it. She looked at Gu Yinmian in disgust and had to admit the fact: "Well, eldest brother, your character is really too much for people to stand. They are looking for a boyfriend, not a father who is in charge of heaven and earth. They must think you are too annoying." "Is it?" Gu Yinmian, with his hands in his pockets, pulled his lips and smiled. The smile was cold, and Gu Tangli shrank her shoulders and hid behind Sangyu. Sang Yu was so caught off guard that she bumped into Gu Yinmian's cold eyes. She hurriedly staggered her eyes, and her heart was like a treetop under the strong wind, which was blown trembling. Gu Yinmian withdrew his eyes and looked silent. He turned in silence and went upstairs. Oh, Yin Mian, don't go first! Su Xiaocan eagerly looked at his son's back and raised his voice and said, "Three stooges are better than Zhuge Liang. We can give you advice. Can you tell us about the specific situation first?"? Or show us a picture of the girl, Yin Mian. The tall and straight figure finally disappeared at the end of the stairs. Gu Tangli gazed at the empty stairs, a little gloating and a little sympathetic, saying, "I didn't expect my eldest brother to have today. Although I'm worried about him,ultrasonic cutting machine, I still want to laugh. What should I do?" Su Xiaocan said, "Your child is still in the mood to laugh. Didn't you see your elder brother worried?" Gu Tangli raised her eyebrows: "Is he worried?"? Is there? I really didn't see it. Su Xiaocan's face is solemn: "No, we have to help your eldest brother." 。 fycgsonic.com