Uncle Zong Man, please vote.

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Uncle Zong Man, please vote.Uncle Zong Man, please vote.Uncle Zong Man, please vote.Uncle Zong Man, please vote.

Yoshizawa covered his mouth, his eyes wide open in surprise. She saw that the seven seas really seemed to be transparent in front of King Ren. No matter whether the seven seas waved in front of him or made faces at him with their tongues sticking out, he was completely unmoved. It's amazing! Soon, the seven seas returned to Yoshizawa, his face full of pride: "What did I say?" "How did you do that?" Yoshizawa took Qihai's hand and asked impatiently, "Tell me quickly!" The seven seas approached Yoshizawa, held out their index fingers to their lips, and said to her in a low voice, "Don't tell anyone about this, OK?" Yoshizawa nodded desperately! If Qihai doesn't say, I won't ask! Ah, I see Keigo! Yoshizawa stretched out his hand and pointed back, and the seven seas turned around, and sure enough, he saw Atobe walk into the tennis court. Like King Ren, Atobe did not see Qihai and Yoshizawa at all. That girl- "Yoshizawa tilted his head and stared at Kurihara beside Atobe for a while and then asked doubtfully," should it be Auntie who said Xiao You? " "Yes, that's Ah You,Beverage packing machine, and Ah You is also very cute!" Qihai held his face in his hands. "But if I have time, I'd like to introduce May and Annana to you." "A friend of the Seven Seas?" Yoshizawa asked curiously, taking Qihai's arm. Qihai nodded: "May is my roommate, and Annana is my little lover." Yoshizawa pouted. "What about me?" "You are my sweetheart." Qihai clasped Yoshizawa's hand and kissed him to his lips. Don't flirt! I'm going to be moved! "Ha ha ha!" Originally, I just wanted to watch the training of the tennis department, but the next development made Qihai hit me in the face. No, wait. Are you guys really playing tennis? How does the effect of flying sand and stones come out? The seven seas looked dumbfounded,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and Yoshizawa had the same reaction. Pointing to the tennis court, she stammered to Qihai, "Are they really playing tennis?"? Why is it different from the Wimbledon I used to watch? The seven seas hide their faces: "It's different from what I saw. Tennis is not played like this, is it?"? ***! ***! Newton is going to climb out of his coffin! Friends, you know nothing about physics! "I think we can go." Qihai said with a deep face. This way of playing tennis is totally beyond her knowledge of tennis, and she feels that she knows nothing about tennis. Yoshizawa nodded approvingly. She said with a lingering fear, "It feels so dangerous. It's just playing tennis. Is it so hard?" "Who knows," the seven seas spread out their hands, and then turned out the small book, "let me see, the big young master's classroom. Ah, here it is. Shall we go to the classroom? The first lesson is finance, which sounds like a sleepy lesson. Yoshizawa quickly stood up and took Qihai's hand and walked away. "Then let's go quickly!" After finding a good place in the classroom, juice filling machine ,PET blowing machine, Qihai lay on the table and sighed: "The support group is OK." "What do you mean?" Asked Yoshizawa. "Yes, they even know where the eldest young master likes to sit." The seven seas pointed to the seat in front of them. "This is where the eldest young master sits, and on the right is where Akashi sits." Yoshizawa couldn't help showing an adoring expression on his face: "That's awesome!" "Although to some extent, this is indeed a thing worthy of admiration …" By the way, what does the real pear study? Yoshizawa replied with some embarrassment, "I'm not very good at studying finance or anything, but I have a brother at home, so it's none of my business to inherit the family business. I study design." "That's great, too!" The seven seas patted the table, "design what?" "Jewelry design, Dad also said that I would design our family's jewelry in the future," Yoshizawa said shyly, "Our family is in the jewelry business." The seven seas cover their faces. Sister, you said you didn't know anything about me, so you told me what your family was doing. Fortunately, I'm not a bad person. If I plot against you, you'll be finished! However, on second thought, the seven seas thought that Yoshizawa should also think that she was introduced by Atobe, so there would certainly be no problem. After talking about his home, Yoshizawa asked Qihai, "Where is Qihai?" "How to say," Qihai touched his chin, thought for a while and then answered, "I live with my uncle, our family. It has made great contributions to the maintenance of world peace and stability. Yoshizawa clasped his hands together, his dark green eyes shining: "That's awesome!"! That sounds very handsome! Awful, full of guilt. Qihai covered his heart, and then silently took out Atobe's schedule for today: "Well, let's see what lessons the eldest young master is going to have today." "Well, good!" Completely unaware that the seven seas were changing the subject, Yoshizawa's attention was immediately diverted. Qihai opened the notebook and said to Yoshizawa, "Young Master has a lot of classes today. He has a full class in the morning and one class in the afternoon. But it seems that he will go to the student union room to deal with the student union in the afternoon. From 4:30 to 5:30 is the working time of the tennis department, and from 6:30 to 9:30 in the evening is the rehearsal time of the New Year Party.." I'm so busy. Yoshizawa put his chin on Qihai's arm. "Keigo didn't go home until almost ten o'clock last night." "By the way, you live with the eldest young master anyway. We can go to the rehearsal of the New Year's Party tonight and let him take you home directly." Seven seas put away the small book, "I was going to help with logistics." "Did I delay you?" Yoshizawa asked worriedly. Qi Hai replied with a smile, "It doesn't matter, because I want to accompany you, so the eldest young master said I don't need to go to the logistics." "That's good!" Yoshizawa laughed happily, revealing two lovely pear swirls. Looked at the table below, the seven seas again lying on the table: "Eight o'clock class, I sleep-" "It's not very impressive,CSD filling line, Qihai." As Yoshizawa spoke, he imitated the appearance of the seven seas, with his arms stretched out in front of him and his face directly on the table. The two girls faced each other and laughed at the same time. He said he had no image. You've learned from me! "Don't say it!" 。 gzxilinear.com