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WoloWolong Sheng Jing Hong's Sword Shakes JianghuWolong Sheng Jing Hong's Sword Shakes Jianghung Sheng Jing Hong's Sword Shakes Jianghu

Pang Jiakang words here, the old martial arts master has been full of anger, the right palm of a slap on the table, suddenly got up, pointing to the Pang family. Kang said angrily, "So you are willing to work for Wang Pei, and you are going to be the eagle's claw in the six doors forever. We have been brothers for decades." Love also had to give up at this point, you might as well do the elite officers and soldiers in the city of Hefei, in the governor's house set up a dragnet, see the child can You can't kill the evil official Wang Pei in the forest with swords and spears! Pang Jiakang From this moment on, our love will be broken, and we will meet again, elder brother, to learn from your God. Fire bomb famous stunt. After the old martial artist had spoken, he angrily turned around and walked away. Pang Jiakang gave a long laugh and shouted, "Brother Tong, except for the Xunfu Mansion." In addition to Nine-Finger Flying King and his brothers, there are several other rare masters in the martial arts world. They all just arrived this morning. This is not Brother, it's really a coincidence. If you really want to go, you'd better stay a few days later. They won't be funny if they stop here. Stay too long. When Tong Weinan reached the top of the stairs, he turned around and replied in a harsh voice, Pang Jiakang, you don't have to pretend to be merciful. Wild talk, Tong Weinan is bound to arrive before the third watch tonight. I'm afraid it's too late for you to regret. Then he went downstairs angrily and ran back to the inn. Yu Jianying and Zhang Shuangjie were sitting in the shop drinking tea and chatting. When they saw Tong Weinan coming back with anger, the old martial artist said that he and Pang Jiakang After the meeting,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, I heard that all three people were on fire. Yu Jianying looked back at the startled rainbow sword on the wall, two strange lights radiated from the star eyes, and a piece of murder appeared faintly between his eyebrows. He He turned to the old martial artist and said with a smile, "Since Pang Jiakang is willing to play the jackal to the tiger and doesn't listen to Uncle Tong's good advice, the younger generation will be here tonight." I will kill him to vent my uncle's anger. Jing Si's hypocrisy is even more unforgivable. My godfather cut off one of his fingers, and I will cut him off tonight. With one arm and one leg, he was crippled for life and could no longer pick flowers to commit murder. Tong Weinan felt a shock in his heart and said, "What's the matter? Is Elder Qisang, the God of Eight Arms,water filling machine, your godfather?" "Yes," said Jianying with a smile! He is my teacher's best friend. The younger generation recognized their adoptive father at the same time on the night of their apprenticeship. Tong Weinan nodded his head and said, "Elder Sang is a strange hero in Jianghu. I don't know how many younger generations in Wulin admire his peerless martial arts." He tried every means to worship under his old man's door, but it was difficult for him to do so. So far, I have never heard of him receiving an apprentice. My brother is richly endowed by nature. Fate Kuangshi, unexpectedly can be favored by two strange people, Master Lingxu and the eight-armed God begging. After a pause, he added, "Nine Fingers Flying Around Jing Siduo has done much injustice. It's not a pity to die. Pang Jiakang has done nothing wrong in the past. It's better to forgive him." Die. Yu Jianying said with a smile, "In that case, when the younger generation fought with him, they spared his life, but he and Uncle Tong had been friends for decades and fell out." Jieyi is not without small faults. I want to cut off one of his ears to relieve my uncle. He talked and laughed easily. Tong Weinan kept silent and secretly worried about Pang Jiakang. Yu Jianying's martial arts and swordsmanship were close to him. Seeing these words, he did not boast at all. It was the second day of the tenth month of the lunar year. After nightfall, the cold wind was blowing on my face. There was no moon in the blue sky and the sky was full of stars. Tong Weinan, an old martial artist, took it out of his bosom. An ingot of silver settled the bill for the room and meal. With Yu Jianying and Shuangjie in the north of Zhejiang, Vegetable oil filling machine ,plastic bottle making machine, the four men led their horses out of the city and chose a secluded place outside the city. Now, after hiding four long distance horses, they all changed into night clothes, took their weapons, started flying on land, and returned to attack. Hefei city. Outside the city, the sky is just two more, more than three Zhangs high walls, can not stop Yu Jianying peerless flying, only his arms. With a shake, he pulled up more than twenty feet high, lifted his breath and grew up in midair, and performed Lingxu Shangjin to teach the unique Jianghu Flying Skill "Ladder Cloud Vertical". A breath of Dantian True Qi, without strength, a body hanging in the air flew up six or seven feet high and fell lightly on the wall. He turned around and put down a rope. Tong Weinan and Shuangjie in the north of Zhejiang all took advantage of this rope to quickly rise to the wall. The four of them looked into the city. Heavy, the lights in the pavilion, the old martial arts master first jumped on a civilian house, four figures in the night like bats flying at night, straight to the governor's office Go by the door. But a moment has seen the Xunfu mansion towering tall building, the old martial arts master know Pang Jiakang has been prepared, secretly, is not. Maybe, I can't say that I have to break through. Four people just jumped on a house, suddenly from the night came a long laugh, the stars dark light. Next, a figure flew up from the Xunfu Mansion. It was unusually swift, but after two or three vertical jumps, it had already reached the opposite side of the house where several people had stopped. Zhang left and right, he looked at the place where the four stopped and said, "The four friends are in high spirits. They have come to visit us in the middle of the night, and the brothers are waiting for us." It's time for my friends. Then he bowed with a long bow. Yu Jianying flashed his starry eyes and saw the man clearly in the dim light of night. He was over forty years old, with round eyes and heavy eyebrows. With a big face and big ears, about six feet away in height, he stood on the tall wall of the Xunfu Mansion, dressed in the wind, with a calm expression and a faint smile. If Tong Weinan, an old martial artist, had not talked about the four evils of the scene, Yu Jianying would not have been able to see that such a character was actually a hypocrite. The guy. Golden knife flying fork Tong Weinan, see Jing Si Qinying come out, and the attitude and words are quite kind, this can not pretend to be confused again. "Tong Weinan is just a nobody on the Jianghu Road," he said with a smile. "How dare Master Lao Jing greet him in person.." Before the old martial artist had finished speaking, the nine-fingered flying ring burst out laughing and said, "Brother Tong, you're too polite. I've heard of you for a long time. I hate you." After a while, I was lucky to hear that Brother Pang talked about his elder brother coming to Hefei and made an appointment with him to meet tonight. I know that Brother Tong will do what he says, because And set up a banquet hall to wait for you. To tell you the truth, my younger brother has been waiting for a long time. As he spoke, he jumped and landed in front of the four of them, smiling and without any hostility, as if he had been away for a long time. Friends, like an unexpected reunion, this makes a well-informed Tong Weinan unfathomable. Thought to himself: Is it Pang Jiakang? Didn't you tell Jing Si the real purpose of our visit? Otherwise,bottle blowing machine, how could he be so polite? The current situation Only go in with him first. Go. We'll see what we can do. The old martial artist made a few turns in his heart and immediately replied with a smile, "Since Master Chengjing is so kind, it's better for us to obey orders than to be respectful." "" 。 gzxilinear.com