Shadow 380,000 _ Nado

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Shadow 380,000 _ NadoShadow 380,000 _ NadoShadow 380,000 _ Nado

Kou Yun actually has this kind of ability, which is enough to be called a special ability. Speaking of it, it is the same ability as shaking pills between bottles. It is to transfer one thing from one place to another regardless of the interval, but the difficulty is very different. Kou Yun's strange ability is like a thread, which connects many things together in a twinkling of an eye. Somehow, the first thing that came to my mind was a lamp. The lamp that suddenly fell to the ground in the detention center and triggered the Jedi's great escape. The chain with the lamp was separated inexplicably, and the two iron rings that had been closely linked were shaken open by the magician. At that time, wasn't Kou Yun looking out of the window? And before that, she was taken out for interrogation, and when she came back, she was scolded by the guard for dilly-dallying. What is she looking at? She must have looked up at the lamp. Nine, the strongest thief (4) If I'm not mistaken, the premise of this ability is to have a certain familiarity with the transferred object. At least you have to know what it's like. The second thing that popped into my head was a gun. I used to think that Kou Yun had received strict training to let her pick up the gun from the ground on the way to run. Later, when I got to know her, I felt that she really didn't look like a girl who had received that kind of training. The gun became a mystery buried in my heart. Now the answer to the riddle has been revealed, Kou Yun does not need to start or move her feet, she only needs to think about it, she can get the gun. And the dice she won every battle, the poor man who was hit by a beer bottle falling from the ceiling. Oh, and the reason she was arrested in the detention center-stealing bread. God, she was definitely a thief,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, but she was too skilled and stupid to be caught. Then, there is Kou Feng, the magical magician. No matter how good a magician is, he can't see through magic. Because it's not magic! I put my briefcase on the sofa. Now this bulging bag is worth billions, but I'm not in a hurry to open it. Besides you and your brother, is there anyone else who can do this? I asked Kou Yun. Her face was a little pale, not knowing whether it was because she had just spent too much "ability" and had not recovered, or because she was in a nervous mood. She sat at the other end of the sofa like a frightened little lamb. I don't know about anyone else,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, but in the village, everyone can. She answered softly. Sounds like it's genetic. A mutant ability, passed down through the bloodline. So, when you heard me talking about what happened to you in the detention center, you guessed that it might have something to do with your brother. People think it's a joke. How can a knife stuck in a dead man's chest fly into my hand by itself? But you know it's possible. Because you can do it, your brother can do it, and even everyone in your village can do it. Kou Yun burst into tears and said to me, "Brother.." That's what I thought. I think if I follow my brother, I might find.. Find But, brother, I'm not trying to use you, I'm really not. She was so emotional that she cried more and more. I stood up and went to the bathroom to wring a towel for her. Walking back, the little girl thought I ignored her, shrank into a ball and cried loudly, and from time to time shouted "brother" and "brother". Cry for nothing. If you cry again, 12v High Torque Motor ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, the neighbors will knock on the door. Those who don't know think something has happened to this family. Come on, wipe your face. I gave her the towel. First of all, you have to wash this dress by yourself. It's so dirty with tears and snot. "Brother, don't you drive me away?" Kou Yun raised his big face and sobbed and asked me. Who said he was going to kick you out. I cried all over there. In fact, I watched her cry, but also deliberately let her misunderstand, so as to vent my anger. At first, this girl relied on me, and she definitely had the intention of following me to find her own brother. Otherwise, this girl would be very smart. How could she be helped by a stranger and stick to it regardless of the reason. But later, when we got along with each other, she really treated me more and more as a brother and relative. So when she told this big secret today, she was so worried about gains and losses, and she was afraid of losing my trust. So, although I have decided not to haggle with her, I still want to let her cry, so that she can have a long memory and play less tricks with me in the future. This is a rare opportunity to clean up the little witch, how can we gently let go. After wiping his face, Kou Yun, with two peach eyes, was more obedient than ever, and his nose twitched a few times from time to time, answering whatever he asked. Kou clan, also do not know from which clan first started, had the ability of mind shooting, after that, all pure blood, most of them were born with this ability. It's just that this ability is so shocking that no one will believe it even if it is said now. It is estimated that it will be denounced as a pseudoscientific liar, or it will be secretly protected. It is also very possible to cooperate with relevant institutions to conduct research. In ancient times, there was no good end. Suffering a lot, there were several tragedies, and in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, several elders of the Kou family made up their minds to live in seclusion and self-exile in order to be safe. From then on, the Kou family formed a family of its own and did not associate with outsiders, and laid down the rule that the seclusion of the whole clan could only be broken if someone could subdue the whole clan in this telekinetic skill. It is said that the ancestors of the Kou family who laid down this rule were well versed in psychology. If they laid down a dead ban with no way out, then people would like to change. After a long time, someone would break it sooner or later. And leave a vacancy, let the clansmen have a hope in their hearts, then the validity of the ban can be greatly extended. But outside the Kou family, to find a strange person who can shake out the pills through a glass bottle is already rare, how can there be a person who has left all the Kou family? Generation after generation, generation after generation are consanguineous marriage, there are very few dementia disabled children, but also a great miracle. However, the incense has not been exuberant, the number of Kou's line has always been maintained at about 100 people. According to Kou Yun, first, the heavier and larger the object,Gear Reduction Motor, the more difficult it is to get it; second, the farther away it is, the more difficult it is. The other is whether it is in the line of sight.