Stars Change _ I Eat Tomatoes _ txt Novel Paradise

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Stars Change _ I Eat Tomatoes _ txt Novel ParadiseStars Change _ I Eat Tomatoes _ txt Novel ParadiseStars Change _ I Eat Tomatoes _ txt Novel Paradise

"Well, it's all right." Qin Yu's answer seemed a little clumsy. Only then did Huang Fujing sigh: "I didn't know until now that you worked so hard to practice for the sake of Jiang Li's sister.". Yes, sister Jiang Li is really nice, and most of the people who come into contact with her like her. "Yes, Lier is very nice." Qin Yu couldn't help thinking of Li'er. At the thought of Li'er, Qin Yu couldn't help showing a quiet smile. Huang Fujing glanced at Qin Yu and saw the expression on Qin Yu's face with a wry smile. Qin Yu. You say a person likes another person, why is the reason so elusive? In the divine world for so many years, I don't like other men at all, but when I get in touch with you for a little longer, I feel you attract me. Why? I don't understand it myself. Huang Fujing said slowly as if he were talking about someone else, without any consideration. Qin Yu was stunned. The smile on his face disappeared in an instant. What is Huang Fujing talking about? Qin Yu felt a headache and glanced at Huang Fujing next to him. It's just that Qin Yu has already made a decision in his heart. Can only a little calm mood, then directly said: "Princess Jing, for this aspect I am not very clear." "What about you and sister Jiang Li?" Huang Fujing asked, looking at Qin Yu at the same time. Mention Jiang Li, Qin Yu whole person then smiled: "How to say?"? Princess Jing, from the time I can remember to the time I grew up,24v Gear Motor, I have been practicing and fighting hard, and even I like the feeling of meeting challenges. "But." Qin Yu's eyes are misty. When I was with Lier. I felt that the center of the earth was very quiet, as if the lonely boat had returned to the harbor. In the mortal world, Li'er and I have known each other for decades, and there is no earth-shaking thing between us, nor how unforgettable the separation of life and death. There is only a quiet place to care for each other and care for each other. "A look,Small Dc Gear Motor, a smile, we can all feel each other's thoughts, each other's thoughts." Qin Yu naturally had a smile on his face. Huangfu listened quietly. Also look at Qin Yu. Qin Yu smiled, really gentle. Only. It was a smile to Jiang Li's sister. Huang Fujing thought to himself. She is playing chess and I am watching. I chatted with others, and Li'er was holding a teacup beside me. Or send some clean fruit.. I will always remember those days. Qin Yu couldn't help closing his eyes. Qin Yu's deepest heart, in fact, is tired, and Li son together, he can completely relax. Completely immersed in his own memories, Qin Yu waited for a long time before he woke up. Only then did Qin Yu remember that he was talking to Huang Fujing. Oh, I'm sorry. Qin Yu looked at Huang Fujing. The expression on Huang Fujing's face also calmed down, and she kept looking at Qin Yu, Planetary Gear Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, waiting for Qin Yu to open his eyes. He smiled at Qin Yu and said, "Don't say sorry. After listening to what you said, I have already felt your feelings for each other." Huang Fujing laughed at himself and said, "Qin Yu, I'm not afraid of your jokes. I've never talked about love between men and women, and I don't understand it at all.". There is only a little feeling of ignorance, but after listening to what you said, I know. A woman's happiness should be a man who cares about her in every possible way. I envy Jiang Li's sister very much, but. You have her. Huangfu breathed a sigh of relief and stood up. Smiling at Qin Yu: "Qin Yu, there are many people pursuing Jiang Li's younger sister. I can only wish you success here." Qin Yu breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. He felt that although Huangfujing might still have a knot in his heart, it was much better than when he was in the East Pole Palace. Thank you Qin Yu solemnly said. Subsequently, Qin Yu left the mansion of Huangfu Jingdi. Qin Yu did not say much, he can only choose so. There is only one Jiang Li in his heart. Not because a girl has feelings for him. He has to have feelings for that girl. Sometimes, you have to be ruthless. In the central hall of Lanxuan Hall. Qin Yu glanced at the two men behind him and ordered with a smile, "Let's go!" "Yes, master." Qiu Zhongfu and Fu Bo said respectfully that Qin Yu did not have many people with him this time. On the surface, there were only two people, Qiu Zhongfu and Fu Bo. In the dark, Qin Yu put more than one hundred servants of the gods in Zixuanxing Cloud Villa in his universe. Li'er, I'm going to Piaoxue City. "Qin Yu said from the bottom of his heart.". The new universe was created by Qin Yu. Qin Yu a mind, can let the voice ring in the ear of the standing son. Mmm. The voice of Li Er with a trace of excitement also sounded in Qin Yu's heart. Qin Yu, Qiu Zhongfu, Fu Bo three people so directly left the Lanxuan Hall, and then left the East Pole Xuan Jinshan, directly to the transmission array, and then directly to the North Pole Piaoxue City. Sixteen marriage chapter thirty-one into the snow city. Qin Yu three people just came out from the transport array, then felt a cold face. Looking up, I saw that the heavy snow covered everywhere. Behind Qin Yu, Qiu Zhong came back and said, "Piaoxue City.". It snows all year round It's really wonderful. "" Qin Yu nodded slightly. Eyes are locked on the huge suspended city in the air. . Snowflakes are falling, but the huge city is still very conspicuous, the whole body of the black wall, as well as the huge volume, giving people an amazing sense of oppression. "Snow City, this is Snow City." Qin Yu looked at Snow City and said in a low voice. It was the first time for Qin Yu to watch Piaoxue City from the outside. Uncle Fu said to one side, "Master.". Shall we fly to the gate of Piaoxue City first? .” "Ok, let's go." Qin Yu directly spread out the space field and took Uncle Fu to fly directly into the sky. Qiu Zhongfu is also respectful behind him. A moment later,small geared motors, Qin Yu flew to the gate of Piaoxue City. At the gate of the city, there is a hundred meters of steps. Qin Yu three people fell on it. . Who are you waiting for? This is the Arctic Snow City. Miscellaneous people are not allowed to enter. . "The high-pitched voice came from the city gate.". Good earth posture. Qin Yu smiled and looked at the gate of the city. There were two gods guarding the gate, but on the wall stood one after another.