Flowers in the mirror and moon in the water

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Flowers in the mirror and moon in the waterFlowers in the mirror and moon in the waterFlowers in the mirror and moon in the waterFlowers in the mirror and moon in the water

Walking to the door, I saw him standing motionless under the tree. How long have I been asleep? Moonlight itself has a kind of soft and intoxicating beauty, but why does it make people feel desolate and lonely when sprinkled on him? What happened to him? Why do people hate him so much. Walking forward and looking at him, I took his hand helplessly, so cold. I frowned slightly, standing outside should be a long time, although only a very small tremor, but I still feel, hesitate, or change to pull sleeves. Walked into the room, lit a candle, put him on a chair, said to him: "I lost the memory of the past, so the brain is a little confused, some men and women are not separated, if you do not mind you first give me a general introduction to the country, and where I am?" Now I know where the driver's roar came from. Sitting in the kitchen to make a fire, I have to be glad again that I had the experience of growing up in the countryside when I was a child. I know how to make a fire and cook. Although I haven't done it for many years, there is still a difference between doing it and not doing it. Thinking about the introduction of spin ice just now, I haven't recovered yet. In the previous novel, people traveled through time and space? Qian Gu Rui Jointly Stealing, Stupid, Blowing, Mold, Jointly in the South of the Sea, Jointly Stealing, Wan Nai, Tingcai, Scutellaria, Zheng, Toad, Pang Ou, Weakening the Book,x60 line pipe, Picking Down the Herdsman, Hazel Cricket, Mulberry Cricket, Being Stirred and Sucking, Forgive the House? At least that's how the novels are written. In fact, I should have known that the time travel written in the book was just a fairy tale. You see, I am now poor and blank, there is no knight-errant to save the suffering, there is no prince and noble to let me have no worries about food and clothing, and there is no handsome man to save me in the abyss of suffering, alas. At least it's good to have a place to live now. At this time, I can only think so,x52 line pipe, it is also a comfort to myself! I learned from Xuanbing that I had come to a place called Fengxiang Country. The city I lived in was called Qingdu, which was the capital of Fengxiang Country, similar to the capital of the country. The Fengxiang Kingdom was assisted by the four families of Xiao, Nan, Luo and Shang. The Xiao family was a civil servant and served as prime minister in the court. The Nan family was in charge of military affairs, the businessmen were in charge of commerce and agriculture, and the Luo family was in charge of the college, which was responsible for educating the royal children and the official children and managing all the defense in the capital city. The emperor, surnamed Feng, unified the country of Fengxiang. There was no queen in this country, headed by the four palaces. The four palaces selected the best men from the four families to serve as the head of the four palaces, while the queen mother, the emperor's biological father, led the harem. In addition, there are three kingdoms called Dongyue, Xiyang and Lixia, and the four kingdoms are separated. Among them, Lixia is the most powerful country, Xiyang is the second largest country, while Fengxiang and Dongyue have a general economy and national strength. The two countries have always been brothers and supported each other. It is also a tripartite confrontation of the three countries, and the country is stable. It's just that the world has turned around, that is, women are superior to men. In the years that followed, uns s31803 sheet ,321 stainless steel sheet, I came to realize that the tune was quite outrageous, that is, the world is a place where women are respected, and men are women's accessories. Women can start their careers as prime ministers, become officials, do business, and travel around the world, but men are not allowed to be officials, but must follow the rules and regulations, and stay in the boudoir. Men who appear in public will be ridiculed by the world and regarded as misconduct; But there are also a small number of men from poor families who help to do things outside, but after marriage can only be a small stay; in marriage, men are more fastidious from one to the end, not to remarry, otherwise they are regarded as unfaithful. Men are beardless, feminine and petite. A man should abide by the principles of his wife, observe the three obediences and four virtues, follow his mother at home, follow his wife when he marries, and follow his daughter when his wife dies. Women are tall and strong, and can have three husbands, four men, and small attendants and small pets. Although it is also a feudal era, this superiority and inferiority has been adjusted, and this unequal treaty has some competition with the Song Dynasty in ancient times. This is the case in all four countries. The world is very concerned about the chastity of men, here the man's left shoulder scapular fossa will have a bright red "chastity male mole" to show innocence. On the wedding night, if the wife discovers that the man is no longer chaste, she will be lightly punished and sent back to her mother's home, or sent to a military prostitute by Guan Fu, or even killed. And women also have membrane things, but if a woman has not broken her body at the age of sixteen, she will be laughed at. After the wife wants to have a child, men and women can drink the soup of "fruit of giving birth to a child" given by the wife, Yin and Yang, before they can conceive. The child that gives birth to is regarded as to give birth to; if the husband that has crooked idea oneself privately get soup to take, so even if be pregnant, after bearing, also won't admit is to give birth to, it is illegitimate, if the child that gives birth to is a girl, the wife host decides to stay but can't get any property in the home and status, such as the boy just is to send military brothel place or hook fence courtyard. A husband with such bad intentions, on the other hand, would never get a foothold in the family again. He would either hang himself, or throw himself into the water, or be sold as a servant, or be sent to a monk's temple to become a monk, or even be sold into Goulan, and so on. The end would be miserable, and there would be few good results. Occasionally, there are soft-hearted owners, will give some money, or more generous to a house, so as not to fall into the dust. However, most of the husbands who committed the crime ended up in a very tragic situation, so many men did not dare to commit the crime. In this way, it is really amazing, sigh, as far as I am concerned, I really can not adapt to this world, I used to mourn for the ancient women, now I am sad for the men in this world. Such an unfair treaty, I'm afraid it will take a thousand years. Women in previous lives have come step by step like this. At this time, I am really glad that I am a woman, if attached to a man's body, I am really afraid that I will go crazy. But imagine if you are used to a tall, handsome, handsome and gentle man, who will be used to a man who stays at home all day and wears Rouge, alas. It's also a cruel test for me. I can't imagine that Xuanbing and I are also members of the four big families. No wonder the old woman, no. The old man should be so nervous. He must be afraid that I will pose a threat to him. However, he doesn't have to worry so much. I am not the master of this body. Why should I bother? How to live this otherworldly life is my biggest headache. It's so late that I'm really not in the mood to eat, but I'm hungry. Besides,x70 line pipe, there's one more person at home now, so I simply made some dough lumps. I think it was made by my mother when I was a child. It's very delicious. Although I haven't eaten it for a long time, it's very simple. Let's talk about it first.