Resentful Couple Tiancheng by Qingge in the Flourishing Age

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Resentful Couple Tiancheng by Qingge in the Flourishing AgeResentful Couple Tiancheng by Qingge in the Flourishing Age

When the two maids helped Xue Yan back, Xia Jiao was already lying in bed in her inner clothes and ready to sleep. When she heard the noise, she just moved out some spare space for him. There was no movement behind her for a long time. She closed her eyes, but the lights in the room made her a little uncomfortable. Lights out. All the candles behind her went out, and there was no more dazzling light in front of her eyes. Xia Jiao breathed a sigh of relief and found a relatively comfortable place. She was ready to close her eyes and sleep. Where did she think that an arm suddenly came up from her waist. Xia Jiao stiffened for a moment and immediately turned to look at him. There was no light in the room, but the moon was very bright tonight, and the moonlight shone in, so that Xia Jiao could barely see the people in front of her. She happened to bump into his eyes, dark pupils, filled with a little light, like scattered small stars, so that Xia Jiao was stunned for a moment. What are you thinking about? Tonight is the wedding night. How can you sleep with your back to me? "If Mammy gets up early tomorrow morning and takes a white handkerchief, it won't be good. Your daughter-in-law will be criticized." Xue Yan said a few words softly. His arm was always on Xia Jiao's waist, perhaps because he was lying in bed, and his voice sounded a little lingering,uns c70600, low and hoarse like thick wine. Rice needs to misunderstand Cang Tuyun. Faced with his straightforward questions, Xia Jiao really felt a little overwhelmed, but stared at him. When she didn't react, she suddenly felt the arm of the person beside her pushing hard, leaving him alone in her sight, and her body could only feel him. The next morning,uns s32750 sheet, Xia Jiaojiao slept soundly, but suddenly felt some itchy feeling on her face. She waved and scratched unconsciously. As a result, the itchy feeling never went away. On the contrary, she had a tendency to push her luck. She reluctantly opened her eyes, feeling as if they were going to stick together, and her eyelids were so heavy that she could not lift them at all. Now that you've opened your eyes, don't sleep any more. I'm going to serve tea this morning. My eldest brother has always had a bad temper. He wronged you for a few days as soon as he entered the house. Xue Yan's voice came, Xia Jiao hooked the corners of her mouth with a sneer, thinking that this person was really haunted, whether his eldest brother was angry or not had anything to do with her? She closed her eyes, but after two breaths, a333 grade 6 pipe ,uns c68700, she opened them again, and the whole person seemed to be awake. Chapter 146 the rules of offering tea. Xue Yan looked at her staring at the big eyes like a copper bell, flickering at him, his face is also a dull expression. She couldn't help laughing, holding the broken hair in Xia Jiao's ear in her hand and stabbing Xia Jiao's cheek with the tip of her hair, which was the itchy feeling she had felt before. Are you confused? Now that you are married, you should show filial piety to your parents-in-law and fight against your sister-in-law. The most important thing is to take good care of your husband. Your husband is your heaven. Are you sober? Xue Yan said as if nothing had happened, playing with her hair in her hands without stopping. Xia Jiao suddenly blinked her eyes a few times and finally woke up. She grabbed her hair and saved it from his evil hands. She sniffed at what Xue Yan said. I agree with filial piety to my parents-in-law. I have always been a well-behaved child, but they also have to love me. I don't need to fight with my sister-in-law. I have no ambition to be a housekeeper. As long as I don't have short food and clothing, everything is negotiable. As for what you said about taking good care of my husband, you have so many servant girls anyway. If you can't even take care of one of them, you can sell them all. And the husband is heaven? She got a little closer, and the two of them were almost face to face, and she could even feel Xue Yan's breath. Why don't you go up to heaven? Xia Jiao reached out and pinched his ear and twisted it gently. Xue Yan got up and raised his hand to pull her hair scattered on the bed to the front, deliberately covering her face. I will take you with me when I go to heaven. Our husband and wife are of the same mind. We should sleep together in life and die in the same cave. I won't leave you alone in this world! After Xia Jiao straightened the hair on her face angrily, she happened to hear his words similar to a confession, which almost scared her out to vomit. And when she threw her face at him, she happened to see the affectionate look on Xue Yan's face, as if they had been in love for many years and were now experiencing the separation of life and death. I didn't expect you to be like this. No wonder people often say that men change their faces after marriage, and they often become worse and worse. Xia Jiao raised her hand and touched her chin, with a somewhat disagreeable look on her face. Xue Yan did not take it seriously. He did not call the servants to come in. He had already put on his clothes. Looking at his flowing movements, it was obvious that he often wore his own clothes and did not need to pretend to be someone else. Who said that? Our Xue men are all infatuated seeds. I can assure you. He raised three fingers and made a gesture of swearing to God. Xia Jiao gently curled her mouth, stood up suddenly, jumped directly on his back, and put her hands around his neck. Originally, she raised her legs to clamp his waist, but now she realized that she had a backache, and that she had just exhausted her strength by jumping hard, and now she was lying on his back. Pain, pain, pain. She took a breath and clasped his arms in her hands for fear that she would fall. Xue Yan froze for a moment, immediately holding her with both hands, see her cry pain at the moment, naturally understand what is going on. His eyes swept over the bed with a somewhat helpless expression on his face. You also have such a lively side. Be careful. As he spoke, he raised a hand and patted her buttocks twice. Xia Jiao blushed with shame at his intimate action. She didn't know why she did it. She just felt that she wanted him to carry it on her back. Without thinking about it,x52 line pipe, she jumped directly on his back. Aren't you going to take me to the sky? Do it now, don't wait for later. At this time, she could only use this kind of shamelessness to cover up her embarrassment.