Tripping Orange-Revised Version (Finished with Extra)

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Tripping Orange-Revised Version (Finished with Extra)Tripping Orange-Revised Version (Finished with Extra)Tripping Orange-Revised Version (Finished with Extra)

Previously, there was a rumor that Zhong Ding raised a girl and personally came out to protect her. After a while, no one saw Zhong Ding. Usually, the clock is set every three or five times, and it is necessary to look for excitement. Now, but suddenly can endure the silence. Lonely 。 People can not help but secretly inquire about the origin of Xu Huicheng. Hsu Hui-cheng felt the probing eyes cast around her occasionally, and she wondered what was going on with Zhong Ding. She thought he was here to relieve the sex. Demand It's just that the red card has gone into Qiao Ling's arms. Who will accompany Zhong Ding here? She was so doubtful, but when Zhong Ding hugged her, she was still very conscientious to help him pass cigarettes and pour wine, with a charming face. Laugh 。 He was not satisfied. "That's an ugly smile." She gathered up her expression. He raised her face. "That's good." After three rounds of drinking, Qiao Ling said that the red card of this shop had served Zhong Ding several times. He said and pushed the red card in the direction set by the clock. The red card leaned against Qiao Ling's chest and smiled at Zhong Ding, but did not move. Seeing this, Xu Huicheng had no reaction. With Zhong Ding's character, even if he plays with several women. War , wild.. War Or abuse, she wouldn't be surprised. As for Qiao Ling's teasing, Zhong Ding said,Inflatable water obstacle course, "It's like you haven't played before." "I'm not as cruel as you are. I turned my back on you." When Qiao Ling said this, his finger moved on the leg of the red card, but his eyes glanced at Xu Huicheng. As the saying goes, the more you can't get it, the more your heart itches. He was very curious about Xu Huicheng's excellence. Zhong Ding naturally knew the meaning of Qiao Ling's eyes. He looked down at the woman in his arms. She looked back at him obediently, her eyes were full of him, and out of the corner of her eye,Inflatable dry slide, she did not give Qiao Ling the slightest bit. Zhong Ding bent his eyebrows and hugged her over. Is the little camellia hungry? "A little." She and he came out without dinner. She also knew that she came to this place to drink and smoke, not to eat. He bit her ear. "We'll go to dinner later." She was surprised. It seems that Zhong Ding is really not looking for a woman. Inexplicably, she had a little joy in her heart because of this idea. The area where the private club is located is the new central axis of the city. Further east, there is a handmade dessert shop. The shop is run by an old woman, and the business is very good. It's just a shabby storefront. Xu Huicheng thought that Zhong Ding did not know whether she would dislike it or not. Before she had time to think about it, she said, "Mr. Zhong, I'll take you to dessert." "Don't eat too much, 120 pounds." When she heard it, she didn't want to talk to him. Qiao Ling peeped at the intimacy of Zhong Ding and Xu Huicheng and intentionally destroyed it, saying, "You brought this kind of beautiful girl with you today. Where can you put Boss Liang's face?" "He puts it wherever he likes." When Zhong Ding patted Xu Huicheng on the back and turned to Qiao Ling, inflatable floating water park ,Inflatable bouncer, he seemed to smile, "She belongs to me now, and you can hold your red card yourself." Qiao Ling was obviously surprised by Zhong Ding's words, and it took him a long time to figure out the vague warning in his words, so he became even more curious. Is she really that good? Zhong Ding did not entangle this topic, he bowed his head and continued to hurt Xu Huicheng. Xu Huicheng pretended not to mind his venomous tongue, but his heart was filled with emotions. She really can't compare with the figure of the red card, but he has helped her redeem herself, how can he put her in such a career. When Zhong Ding let go of her and turned to clink glasses with Qiao Ling, she quietly moved back and took the opportunity to pull away from Zhong Ding. Zhong Ding's laughing expression did not change, but one hand quickly grabbed her. She did not stabilize for a moment, and was brought to him by his strength. He said flatly, "Little camellia, there are plenty of opportunities to throw yourself into your arms. Don't be in full view of the public." "Xu Huicheng got up and was quite annoyed." Mr. Chung, I want to go to the bathroom. He grinned. "Go." She stood up hurriedly and walked to the bathroom while complaining about Zhong Ding's bad behavior. Immature! Hate! This box is indeed more advanced than the club, the bathroom area and the box are completely separated, and the box has several small compartments attached. So Xu Huicheng avoided the scene of bumping into a wild Mandarin duck in the bathroom. She doesn't have a platoon. The meaning of venting It's just an escape from Zhong Ding. It's just that since we're here, we can solve it by the way. After finishing, she still does not want to go out, a person is in a daze beside wash basin. After a while, someone knocked at the door. She had to go out. She had never seen the man outside the door, and she almost habitually laughed with him, and then prepared to go back to the box. The first time the man saw her, he frowned. When Xu Huicheng passed him by, he suddenly grabbed her, "Are you the one who smashed the heavy gold bag by Zhong Ding?" She was startled and her smile suddenly faded. After a cursory glance, he added, "I didn't know it was so ugly until I looked closely." She froze there, afraid he wouldn't.. Track action 。“ Zhong Ding's grade has dropped so much. He looked at her figure. "Still a fat girl." Xu Huicheng doesn't speak at all. He concluded by saying, "Ugly and fat." Then he shook his head, let go of her, and stepped into the bathroom. Xu Huicheng flurried back to Zhong Ding's side. She now realized that she had left herself alone to face those men because she was angry with Zhong Ding. The men here, they all put.. Waves . Shape . The role of the skeleton 。 If you really meet someone who drinks too much, it is estimated that she will not worry about the fact that she is Zhong Ding's female companion. Zhong Ding skipped the caution in her eyes. "I thought you were going to stay inside for an hour or so." "How could it be?". Mr. Chung, you're the best. At least he won't treat her like a lady now. How good? "Just good." "Compare with who?" "You are the best compared to anyone." He was obviously pleased by this sentence. "The little camellia's words are more and more pleasant to hear." Xu Huicheng thought, although Zhong Ding is not a good man, but it is undeniable that he is her only driftwood. Gradually, several couples went to the cubicle. The box was filled with smoke, and the smell of alcohol was dispersed,inflatable castle with slide, revealing extreme luxury. A dispirited atmosphere 。 Xu Huicheng next to Zhong Ding, half a step did not dare to leave. She was familiar with such scenes, and understood better that the birds in the dark. How do beasts show their teeth and claws? 。 Zhong Ding brought his glass to her lips. "Try it." She took a small sip. "How is it?" He asked. 。