Cao Thief Cao Thief

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With a command from Guo Jia, the driver obeyed and raised his whip in the air with a crisp sound, driving the carriage slowly.

With a command from Guo Jia, the driver obeyed and raised his whip in the air with a crisp sound, driving the carriage slowly. Jian'an nine years, February. Cao Cao army conquering Yecheng, Hebei war, touch and go. At the same time, Cao Peng, who was far away in Hexi, stood on the ridge of the field with a slanting front and a short skirt, barefoot, holding Cao Gong's plow. The land of the Central Plains has begun to be cultivated. But Hexi has just thawed. The black earth, after a winter of dormancy, will finally begin to sow and cultivate. Cao Peng, as the Satrap of Hexi County, had to attend the ploughing ceremony. In fact, he also has some fields under his name as ploughed fields. And as a county Satrap, he wants to open the first plough, to encourage everyone farming. Two oxen stood quietly on the ridge of the field. But Cao Peng holds the whip in one hand, holds the plow in the other hand, with a burst of cheers, raises the whip to drive the cattle, holds the plow and walks. The sharp plowshare breaks the land that has been sleeping for a winter. With an earthy smell of the earth, it makes people feel energetic. The people around the ridge couldn't help cheering. Watching the black soil rolling constantly, one by one smiling. After walking a ridge, Cao Peng stopped and gasped slightly. Step Luan and Guo Huan hurriedly came forward to help, and as the second in command of the Hexi county step Kui, from the hands of Cao Peng took the plow, continue to reclaim land. Next,Stainless steel foundry, pang Tong, Cao Cao, Hao Zhao, Xiahou orchid and pan Zhang these Hexi county officer, will come up one by one. After they finished ploughing, it also represented the official start of opening up wasteland in Hexi. The same ceremony is not only in Hongshui County. Fengming Fort, Lian Fort, Hu Fort and Wu Fort all have such ceremonies. Among them, Lianbao has the most arable land, because its county town has been completed,DIN screw plug, which is a formal investment. And Hongshui County, with the return of spring, is also ready to resume work. Hubao and Fengmingbao need to start from scratch, while Wubao is transformed on the basis of Hongshuiji. There are thirty thousand hectares of arable land in Hexi, which is far from meeting Cao Peng's requirements. In Cao Peng's plan, by the end of the year, Hexi county to reach sixty thousand hectares of farmland. However, ploughing is not in a hurry, a large number of slaves, will be based on the construction of the city, and then will begin to open up wasteland. Generally speaking, Hexi County has a heavy task this year. If implemented according to the plan, the population can be increased to 400,000 in the coming year. This requires a slow time, but also the efforts of Cao Peng and others. Taking the wet towel from Bu Luan, Cao Peng wiped the sweat from his forehead. This farm work is even harder than practicing martial arts. Just a ridge field, let Cao Peng panting. Cai Wenji with zhen-mi, standing in the crowd, looking at Cao Peng that clumsy movements, deep draw stamping ,Steel investment casting, can't help laughing. Zhen Mi also wanted to laugh, but did not dare to laugh. After all, she is now just a captive, and wen-chi's identity, completely different. From the initial panic of being captured in Hexi to the present gradual calm, Zhan Mi is slowly getting used to it. Xiao Luan, Xiao Huan.. In another two years, it will certainly become a pearl in Mobei. Do you believe it? Standing in the field, Cao Peng high-spirited, pointing to the field, quite some of the spirit of pointing out rivers and mountains. At this time, pang Tong just took the plow, a careless, fell to the ground, looks like a mess. Bu Luan Guo Huan and others couldn't help laughing. And Cao Peng shook his head and said to Tsao Jang, who was following him, "See? Thirty-six lines. Every line produces a champion. It's not so simple to be an excellent mud-legged man." "What is the Number One Scholar, sir?" "Uh.." Cao Peng suddenly realized that he seemed to have overlooked something. It seems that the title of Number One Scholar has not appeared in this era. He thought about it, and did not open his mouth to explain, but pushed Tsao Jang, "Ziwen, you also go to try, let me see your ability to plough this field?" I seem to have been forgetting something? But what is it? Just as Cao Peng was thinking, a steed galloped in the distance. Childe, Hedong Battle Report. Gao Gan led his troops to harass Hedong. General Wei Kui has sent troops to pacify him. Please be on your guard. Chapter 453 Liangzhou chaos (1) Gao Gan, send troops! This was within Cao Peng's expectation, but at the same time it was somewhat surprising to him. Marotta was worthy of the title of the first Lord of Liangzhou, unexpectedly the reaction of yuan Shi is so accurate. So next, Marten should make a move. Cao Peng did not rush to tell the news to others, but after a moment of silence, he continued to let everyone open up the fields. Come on, is it difficult for me to be afraid of Ma's father and son? …… Jincheng, county. Han Sui also got the news that Gao Gan sent troops, wandering in the flower hall, hesitating. He did not know whether he should send troops? Marten letter, invite him to join forces. But Korea hence in the heart, but not willing to rebel with marten. The emissary of yuan Shang drew a big cake for Ma Teng, which made him enchanted. But in the eyes of Han Sui, the plan is almost impossible to achieve. yuan Shaoshang is no match for Cao Cao, let alone yuan Shang brothers? If this matter, is Lombardi single-handedly planning, then Korea hence said won't be moved. But the yuan Shang brothers. However, it is absolutely impossible for a person with great ambition and little talent. Marten, ambitious, and arrogant. After relying on FuBo general Ma yuan, always want to do something big. He had a big fall in Hexi, and although his vitality was not hurt, he could not accept it. Moreover, Hexi to Wuwei, has an extremely important strategic significance, ma yuan nature will not be willing to sit back and watch Hexi occupied, may threaten Wuwei at any time. He wants to recapture Wuwei! Han Sui knew this very well in his heart. But the question is, can he get it back? Han Sui didn't know Cao Peng very well, but he had heard of Cao Peng's celebrities. To some extent, Han Sui and Cao Peng belong to the same kind of people. Cao Peng was a celebrity in the Central Plains, and Han Sui was a celebrity in Liangzhou. Speaking of, Han Sui most hope in this life, is to be able to integrate into the circle of the central plains scholars. Unfortunately, Liangzhou partial barren, but also Hu Han in the wrong place,socket screw plug, in the eyes of the people of the central plains, there is always a little unfashionable. When Cao Peng entered Hexi, Han Sui had been paying attention to Cao Peng.