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The Pope put his hands together in front of his chest, and a circular arc of light suddenly came out. The guardian of the

The Pope put his hands together in front of his chest, and a circular arc of light suddenly came out. The guardian of the constellation headed by Mephistopheles was driven back, and he also floated back to the mysterious woman, looking at the five guardians of the constellation, including Soso. Suo Suo is obviously the later five people before, the eyes reveal a trace of cold color, "how, you can come here, why can't I come?"? Mephistopheles, don't think you can restrict the rest of us by being close to Miss. Don't forget that each of us is one of the guardians of the constellation. Everyone's status is equal. What right do you have to order us? Mephistopheles's peaceful eyes had become sharp at this time. "Yes, I really don't have the right to command everyone, but don't forget, what should we constellation guardians do?"? Our true mission is only one, and that is to defend the goddess Athena. You have left the Parthenon without permission. You have left the palace of the goddess without permission. You have turned away from the goddess. Soso sneered, "is that really the case?"? Yes, the guardian of our constellation is indeed the faithful guardian of the goddess Athena, but we should guard the real goddess Athena, not others. Mephistopheles's face changed, and Ilyas couldn't help saying, "Soso, what do you mean?" "Don't you understand what I mean?" Suo said coldly? I only ask, Mephistopheles, is Rain Eyes really our goddess Athena? When she was born,metal stamping parts, I'm afraid that's not the case. You've kept this secret for so many years. Should you let everyone know the truth? After listening to Soso's words, Mephistopheles did not get angry because of it. He took a deep look at Soso. Instead, he laughed. The peaceful smile made Soso feel a chill in his heart. "Mephistopheles, what are you laughing at?" Mephistopheles said lightly, "Everything that the young lady was worried about has finally completely appeared. Do you think if you say this, you can change everyone's loyalty to the young lady?"? I have already told them all the facts. You don't have to waste your time. No matter what happened at the beginning, at least now the young lady has already inherited the goddess of Athena. What's the point of trying to sow dissension? Soso's eyes flickered. "Mephistopheles, you knew about us." Mephistopheles snorted and looked at the mysterious woman beside the Pope. "Gemini, did you plan all this? For today, I'm afraid you have planned for many years.". But does all this really work? If I didn't have the heart, I'm afraid you would have left this world. Since everyone is here, why do you hide anything? Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 205 devouring life (part two). Mysterious woman looked at the side of the Pope, die casting parts ,Investment casting parts, slowly stepped forward, she still did not take off the veil on her face, "it seems that all this has long been in the plan of the rain eyes.". (P _ a _ o _ s _ H _ u _ 8.c _ o _ m) But do you think you still have the strength to resist? Even without the help of His Holiness, we will be six against six. Will you be rivals? As she spoke, she pointed her finger at the box behind the five men. Mephistopheles' face changed slightly. "Don't you give up until now?"? Gemini, do you really want us to have civil strife in Greece? We, the guardians of the twelve constellations, are all born for the goddess Athena. Our mission is to defend the dignity of the goddess, to protect the goddess, and to offer everything for the goddess. Things have passed so many years, everything has become irreversible, why do you persist? The woman he called Gemini snorted coldly that I was going to have civil strife. I just wanted to get back what I deserved. As long as the rain eyes died, the nail would naturally get back the goddess of Athena. The winner is the king and the loser is the bandit. Mephistopheles, are you still conscious? The same is the constellation guardian, the number of people is the same, from the combat effectiveness point of view, led by Soso and Gemini six people, in the overall strength is not as good as Mephistopheles six people, but Soso and other five constellation guardians with constellation guardian equipment, equipment advantage of the balance of victory has been inclined to their side. With a deep sigh, Mephistopheles said, "There is a saying in China that the Communist Party of China is born from the same root. Why is it too urgent to fry each other? Why?" Gemini's voice became resentful. "Do you know that, too?"? Yes, you didn't kill me at the beginning, but you brought me to the abyss of pain. What should have belonged to me, why should it be taken away by the rain eyes, why is she the successor of Athena, and I have become Gemini? You're the cause of all this. Yes, I've been planning for years, waiting for this opportunity. It's not easy not to fuse with Athena's artifacts. You don't have to try to waste time. How can you compare your understanding of Athena's disasters? Give you a chance to surrender to me, as long as I become the successor of Athena. You are still the guardians of the original constellation. Mephistopheles shook his head, "You are too childish, since Miss Rain Eyes inherited the goddess of Athena.". Everything has become irreversible, since you insist on doing so, the last regret will only be you. Yes, I admit that you know more about Athena's gifts than I do. Because your breath can be inspired by the artifact, but, compared with Miss, you are still not as good as,die casting parts, since this opportunity is specially prepared for you by Miss, do you think Miss really has no precautions? Gemini looked slightly uneasy and walked slowly in the direction of the Mephistopheles Six. "In that case, let me see what the preparation of the rain eyes is.". Strength is everything that decides victory or defeat. It has come to the present step. Do you think I will retreat and can I retreat? 。 autoparts-dx.com