Huanzhu Landlord _ Shushan Swordsman Biography

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What do you think? The child's feet were not below Hao Qianfu, but when he saw the four of them coming, he touched

What do you think? The child's feet were not below Hao Qianfu, but when he saw the four of them coming, he touched his mind and deliberately followed them, intending to wait and talk. But at that time the surprise was too much, the heart was pounding, and in the rush, four people did not open their mouths, I am afraid that it is wrong to say impolite, is making up their minds to open their mouths, the words are just to their liking. He was afraid that the immortal would look down on him because he was too young to walk, so he quickly replied, "Although I am young, I am used to running on this road. I can walk faster.". But if you want to ask Daxian for advice, I'll be grateful if you can carry it. Then, along Wei Qing's hand a pull, then like a monkey, gently fell on Wei Qing's wrist, knees down. Wei Qing saw that he was quick to deal with it, and his upper body was still holding his breath. He seemed to be showing off. His body was light, and he was more and more happy. He hugged him with his hand and asked him his name, age, and who his parents were. It turned out that the child's name was Xiao Qing, his parents were both dead, and he learned from his uncle at an early age. A few days ago, Xiao Yi, the village leader of Nai Shu Wo Yun, and his beloved disciple Wu Cheng were hunting for an eagle in the back hill. They were injured by a sorcerer and fell ill in bed. Today, they are getting heavier and heavier, and they are in danger. The whole family, sons and nephews,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, are in a hurry. Although Xiao Qing is young, he is gifted and extremely intelligent. He can learn any martial arts as soon as he learns them, and he will be good at them. The sons and nephews of the Xiao family, as well as all their fellow disciples, all took great care of them. Seeing that all the people were in such a hurry that they were at their wits' end, he thought to himself, "My cousins have all been sealed off in the bamboo garden by my aunt with magic. They can't get out, and no one else can get in.". Wu Cheng did not say that his uncle's injury was ominous, and the sorcerer could not guarantee that he would not come. Big brother He Wei is honest and honest, and he can't afford it. Why don't you rush to Daxiongling, yuanjiang,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, to find your aunt and come here to save her life and revenge? It's the best policy. What's the use of worrying? When he was planning to go, he Wei remembered that among the brothers, only Wu and Hao were resourceful. Today, Hao Qianfu was born in the class and kept the poisonous fruit. Master's injury suddenly turned dangerous. He wanted to hide it from Master and went to Daxiongling to ask for help, but there was no one to discuss it. Seeing Xiao Qing passing by, he said to him that he wanted to call back Qian Fu Yi Shang. Xiao Qingli, please go. He Wei thought that although he was good at martial arts, he was too young. Finally said, call back QianFu agreed, and then send someone to go. Xiao Qing led the order out of the village, the heart disliked he Wei to act too slowly, the original intention of the hidden husband to call him back, he still carried people to ask for help. As she neared the wall, she suddenly remembered, "Aunt Ouyang Shuang was almost forced to die tragically by her uncle because she had made a mistake.". Later, he taught his own children Taoism and Dharma, but because he remembered his former enmity, an uncle pleaded for mercy. He knelt down and refused to pass it on, and forbade his cousins to accept it privately. On the last trip, she said that her uncle was in great trouble, and that she had been ordered by her teacher to do something important, brass tube fitting ,14 needle valve, and that she could not leave for three months. If he is not obedient, knowing that his uncle has a very bad disaster, he will never come back to visit, and his words are very firm. What's more, the person who asked for help was herself. Seeing her usual disposition, she decided to ignore it. The more I thought about it, the more I felt that this trip was hopeless. I walked into the wall and was feeling sad. Suddenly, I saw someone running across the wall. I fixed my eyes on it and saw that it was Hao Qianfu. As soon as I asked about the purpose of my visit, I heard that there were four strange people outside the wall. I couldn't help but feel moved. I said to Qianfu, "Elder Martial Brother, why are you so confused?"? Master and Elder Martial Brother Wu are both dying, and they are eager for a savior. If the bearer is a demon party, since you know the entrance and exit of the former village, can you stop it? Kuang also mentioned that Zheng Shizu and his master were injured. Ming is undoubtedly my aunt's brother. Why don't you call him in? Master can't even speak. Why do you ask? What if you neglect the immortal? Qianfu was not supposed to be an enemy party, but because there had been no outsiders in and out of the village for many years, the master's rules were extremely strict, and the relationship was too big, so he wanted to ask first. Unexpectedly, in half a day's time, the injury would become so dangerous that I couldn't help but be startled. As soon as I was complained by Xiao Qingyi, I felt that I shouldn't be too careful. In order to save my master, I should try my best to take some responsibility. What else would you like to say? Moreover, those who come are not those who can be stopped. "Younger Martial Brother is right," he said. "Let's go quickly." On the way, Hsiao Ching added branches and leaves to the dangerous situation of Hsiao and Wu, and the hidden man was even more afraid. So please come in four people, even the words do not care to elaborate. Xiao Qing wanted to learn Taoism from an immortal teacher for a long time, but first he heard about his aunt's contemporaries. Although he was expected to be a first-class immortal, his heart was already moving, but he was still doubtful. He didn't know if he had the ability of his aunt. When he saw the four of them flying in the air, the light of the rainbow was even more powerful and magical than the brilliance of his aunt's flying sword. He was even more dead set on it and vowed to choose a teacher to follow, but he refused to stop. The four of them were very fond of him when they saw that he answered fluently and was very sensitive and intelligent. Not long after everyone walked, the crack in the wall gradually widened, and there was a glimmer of light refracting in front of it. Then turn a corner, the sky through the place, has finished the wall, into the Woyun village. When the village was primitive, it was a big mountain. Later, the top of the mountain spewed fire, and after many years and many earthquakes, it collapsed into such a vast and mysterious basin. Because it was the bottom of the cave, the ground was dozens of feet lower than the outside of the mountain, and the shape of the four mountains collapsed into a hundred feet of cliffs, which surrounded the village, isolated inside and outside, and became a natural barrier of a long circle. When the highest place in Ailao Mountain, the appearance of nine times out of ten, is red cliff like a screen, straight up to the sky. Hugh said that even apes and birds can hardly climb and fly across. In addition, the situation is ugly, not a blade of grass grows, neither can it go up, nor can it be considerable, so there are few people in ancient times. On the other side of Wansong Cliff, although the cliff is full of pine and fir trees, the scenery is quiet, but it is also in a secluded valley, with mountains and ridges, which are covered a lot, and it is difficult to see far and near. Even the owner of the village discovered this road within a few years. Even if someone goes into the mountain to win the election and explores here, he can only listen to the pines, look at the dark color, look at the cliff and sigh, and can't climb up. How can you know that there is such a paradise hidden within the cliff? Had it not been for the fact that in the past ten years, Master Hsiao Yi and his disciples were so quiet and thoughtful that they often turned out from the back hill and went hunting in the Pipa Ridge. They met Lin Rui,stainless steel needle valve, the God of Heaven, and caused many accidents. In the long run, no one would have known about it.