After school

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"I just don't know!"! It looks like a magic prop box. "You have a good eye." Keiko clapped her hands. "The question is what

"I just don't know!"! It looks like a magic prop box. "You have a good eye." Keiko clapped her hands. "The question is what will come out of the box!"! What do you guess? "Oh?"? Will something come out? Judging from the size. I had a flash in my head. Keiko was smiling. Hey, it can't be. "Just what you imagine." Don't joke! You want me to hide in here? "Not bad.". As a magician, I shout one, two, three. As a clown, you jump out of the box. It will be very sensational. "Of course." I folded my arms and grimaced on purpose. Kanae and the others came laughing, too. They seem to have finished their makeup preparations. Teacher, you just give up and go into the box! Kanai Jiang said, "This is the main show of the archery club's masquerade parade!" I pretended to be helpless. "That's terrible." "Would you like to?" Keiko stared at me. Can't object, can you? They all shouted with joy. Keiko smiled and grabbed my arm. "In that case, let's go into the office!"! I also want to explain the order of the performance. The office is scattered with bright red and blue clothes, and the fragrance is stronger than usual. Maybe they also bring cosmetics, right? Keiko took one of the cardboard boxes stacked in the corner of the room. "Joker" was written on the box in a fancy pen. " This is the clown's costume props, with these, must be able to dress up like a clown. I opened the box while complaining that I didn't want to be a clown. The first thing I saw was a dress with a blue background and a pattern of yellow water droplets, as well as a hat of the same color, with a section of yellow wool attached to the hat,secondary containment pallet, which was probably also used as a wig? Then it's a must for makeup. When the last creative dance competition is over, we will borrow the first grade classroom to change clothes. At this time, you should also change your clothes and hide in the magic box. The first grade classroom is next to the starting point. They are probably worried about not letting others see the appearance of makeup too early! "I make up alone?" "You can't change clothes with us, can you?"? It doesn't matter if it's just me? Keiko patted me on the shoulder. "You've practiced your makeup skills. Give it a good show." "Where is the box hidden?" In the back of the first grade classroom. The clown's costume props and wine bottles are also placed in the box. But I want to warn you, don't crawl out and let people find you! These words are simply to let me forget that I am the teacher's will, but I can't say anything,plastic pallet suppliers, so I have to nod yes. The afternoon game starts at 1:30. First came the high jump finals, then the 1,000-meter relay (note: the four runners run the 100, 200, 300, and 400 meters respectively), and the 800-meter relay. I watched the game in the B team area of Keiko and Kanae, and they said they might be able to get the third place. You're the best. You don't care which class wins the championship without being a mentor, do you? Keiko asked. That's true, but even people who are mentors should not have much interest in getting the first place! Where's your mentor? "Right?"? I didn't see Mr. Tokita. Keiko said. Kanai Jiang also nodded, said: "Probably under the tent to chat with the principal or VIPs!" " However, Mr. Aso is very enthusiastic. Look! Keiko pointed to the front of the cheerleader's seat. You can see a head with long hair tied at the back of the head, plastic pallet price ,ibc spill pallet, wearing the same white gymnastics clothes as the students, which is indeed Aso Kyoko. At 2:15, there is a borrowing race between the guests and the faculty. The rule is simple: pick up the card that falls on the runway, borrow the person or thing designated on the card, and reach the finish line. Participants are people who have not participated in the physical competition, that is, older guests and staff. At the sound of gunfire, senior teachers and parent members began to run forward, some lifted their cards and immediately led the students next to them to continue running, some shouted out what they needed, and some were designated to take the "broom" and ran directly to the storeroom. After a burst of laughter, it turned to the first grade's cart race. One person sat on the tire and was dragged forward by two people with ropes. It's quite a physical game. Look, Megumi is here. ” I looked in the direction of Keiko's finger. Yes, Miyazaka was sitting on the tire, dragged by two big students. She showed her white teeth and smiled innocently. At 2:45, before the start of the obstacle course between the students and the staff, the loudspeaker announced that all the third-year students had gathered at the entrance, which was the preparation for the last creative dance. Here comes your favorite game. I was sarcastic. However, Keiko did not answer, only said: "Make up well!"! Don't be too ugly. "I know, don't worry." I answered. However, Keiko still left with an uneasy look. At exactly three o'clock, I stood up at the same time as the third graders began to enter. When they spread out on the playground, the music flowed. Listening to the music, I quickened my pace. At 3:20, the music of the March came from the loudspeaker. At the same time, the announcer said, "Today's climax is the masquerade competition of various societies. Do you know who will play the role?"? Some of them are teachers we all know! The first to appear are the ghost group, the Indians and the cavalry. The audience burst into laughter and applause. Next is the circus, with all the people in the archery club in disguise! With the sound of gorgeous music and fireworks, the brightly dressed team began to enter the arena. At the front is the animal trainer, one holding a big iron ring and the other jumping in the ring as a lion. Next came three stuntmen dressed as trapeze artists and tightrope walkers. Then there was a group of magicians, all wearing black tuxedos, black hats, and black masks. There was an exclamation in the field. The magicians stopped when they came to the middle of the playground, pushing the big magic box. The magician in a black silk hat stood by the box with a magic stick. After saluting the spectators in all directions, he slowly raised the magic stick and shouted, "One,plastic bulk containers, two, three!" The lid of the box bounced off the inside, and the clown dressed in a round table of water drops jumped out of the box. The voice of the announcer came from the loudspeaker: "The clown has appeared. Who is he?" 。