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The man fell heavily on the iron wall. The muscles and bones of the whole body want to break.

The man fell heavily on the iron wall. The muscles and bones of the whole body want to break. It hurts so much that I can't stop humming: "Ouch … … It's going to kill me. Luo's big tongue stepped forward and stepped on it. Carry the "calcium carbide lamp" to see its appearance. Can't help but be surprised. The man wore a broken hat with eight tiles on his head. He was dressed in an old fur coat. Put a big tobacco pouch pot in your waist. With a string of dog-beating cakes around his neck. It is clearly the old Zhao who has been dead for many years. Counting this time. Sima Hui and Luo Da Tongue have seen Zhao Lao three times in total. The first time was in the suburbs of Changsha, Hunan. On a midsummer night, the snail's grave is full of treasures. In order to dig out "Leigong ink" in the grave hole, Zhao Lao held back. Half of his face was burned by the fire. I broke my spleen again. Before dying, he pointed to "Lei Gongmo". Leave two words: "Cattle on Huangshi Mountain.". Catastrophe is coming,side impact door beams, "cloud head". And then he died. The body was buried in the grave by Sima Hui. Two, one. It was on the way to find the "Lop Nur Telescope". The archaeological team found a weathered mummy in the "Black Gate". Its characteristics are very close to those of Zhao Laopai. Sima Hui was in the arms of the corpse again. He found an "ancient book of holding treasure" containing magic. There are two secret words written in it that I don't understand. He thought that the corpse was Zhao Lao. In those days, most of them met ghosts in the "snail grave". So the mummies were incinerated with kerosene. But Sima Hui has not yet figured out what Zhao Lao wants to do through this "ancient book". Tell yourself what. Illustrations of bizarre and mysterious content. It seems to hint at the dangers lurking around. But it's too obscure. Who can understand it thoroughly in advance? If you can't read it in advance. What else would it mean? The third time is even more evil. This old Zhao suddenly climbed into the hole from the black fog. The "man" in front of us. Is it the evil spirit who escaped from the city of death in vain? Or some other monster? Sima Hui knows that there are five elements in the world. It's just an illusion of moving mountains and seas. Has there ever been a person in the world whose body is not destroyed? Sheng Xianglin and Liu Jianghe,aluminium coated tubes, the communication squad leader, heard that this man was Zhao Laopao. They are also very surprised. It's terrible to encounter a "dead body" on the way that shouldn't exist at all. Now the dead man whose bones had been reduced to ashes. How can it appear in the black fog underground? Sima Hui and others surrounded Zhao Lao. I watched it for a long time by the white light of the "calcium carbide lamp". In the darkness, he could not tell whether the other party was a person or a ghost. Zhao Lao was suffocated by the crowd. With a bitter face, he managed to squeeze out a smile and said, stainless steel tube 304 ,precision welded tubes, "All the heroes.". We used to have no complaints. No enmity in recent days. I hope the old ones will spare your hands. "Don't put on airs with me," said Luo Da angrily. You'll show your true colors in a minute. He decided that this old Zhao was the weasel in the grave hole. Discuss with Sima Hui whether to execute. The Burmese guerrillas have a way of torturing their captives. Commonly known as "rubbing board". That is to let the prisoner sit on the ground with his back against the stake. Stretch your legs together. Bound tightly from head to toe. And a piece of rough rock. Press it on the heel and rub it back and forth. The flesh will be worn away in an instant. If you rub it any more, it will touch the bone. There was a harsh grinding sound back and forth. Flesh and blood are everywhere. This kind of torture can't even withstand the golden steel arhat. But it will not hurt people to faint. I can only howl like a pig. So far, no one has been able to endure this kind of torture. It's better to clean up old Zhao in this way. Tell the old lady to put on lipstick-give him some color. Zhao Lao held back when he heard this. Suddenly out of his mind. "What do you mean by putting on airs?"? I am a good person because I am honest. Bad luck also lies in the word of honesty. Even if you want me to pretend, I can't pretend. Sima Hui felt that the enemy and ourselves were not separated. It's better to attack the heart. And he smote her tongue. "I think you look familiar," he asked Old Zhao. Zhao Lao holds back to see that things are slow. "That's good," he said with a quick smile. This is the fate brought by our man's previous life. Sima Hui stared at him and said, "This is a hero's wish.". Walking under your feet is a carefree and happy walk. Old Zhao's face suddenly changed when he heard this: "Man, do you know how high the mountain is?". How deep the water is. When will it open from beginning to end? "Higher than the sky and deeper than the earth," said Sima Hui. The head faces east and the tail faces west. Speak when you are ugly. All the cocks crow. "How many bays have you moved to?" He asked? How many beaches have you turned? Old Zhao replied with trepidation, "I can't see the bay for eight times.". Crossed bays and bays; the river is wide and there is no beach. Turned one pool after another. Luo Da Tongue and others simply do not understand "Jianghu Haidi Eye". I can't get a word in edgewise. But Zhao Lao has a sense of propriety in his heart. No longer dare to hide anything from Sima Hui. "I'm just a treasure trove of scavengers," he said. Never be greedy for gold or silver all your life. Man, why do you bother to dig out my bottom? Sima Hui felt that this man had a strange origin. "I just want to ask you about a few things," he said to Zhao. It's not the bottom line. Just make it clear. Let's take half of the road to the sky. Of course, it doesn't matter if it's not clear. You just leave me your head. Old Zhao said with a sad face,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, "Our craftsmen would rather give up their lives.". Not a word of spring. A man can't force me to break the rules left by my grandfather. Sima Hui said, "I don't want your precious earthwork.". I want to ask the cattle on Huangshi Mountain. The catastrophe is coming, and the clouds are rising. How to explain these two sentences? 。 cbiesautomotive.com