My Mr. Football.

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People who are not interested in taking photos will naturally not have any aesthetic taste. For Mu Li, all the photos in the world

People who are not interested in taking photos will naturally not have any aesthetic taste. For Mu Li, all the photos in the world are the same, and all the angles and scenes are the same. Referring to Mu Li's aesthetic, Leite said she was speechless. She bulged her mouth and did not communicate with Mu Li again. At least she's a fashion person. Why is her boyfriend's aesthetic so strange? Leite has not officially responded to the pregnancy, although everyone has acquiesced in previous speculation, but she and Mu Li have not responded in public. This evening, I took the opportunity of sending photos to make the news public. Dbaby [heart] [heart] [heart] "-Reiter typed this sentence in the description of the photo.". Mu Li watched Leite send out this status, then took out his cell phone and forwarded it for the first time. He said Mu Li's English level is not high, and it is not easy for him to form a complete sentence. When Leite saw his forwarding, she suddenly became shy. She looked at Mu Li with a red face. "I'm really not dreaming." Mu Li: "Why do you dream?" Leite leaned into his arms and kept rubbing her head against his chest, chirping as she rubbed, like a coquettish kitten. Mu Li is young and energetic, and her body will inevitably react a little when she rubs around like this. Mu Li was afraid that he could not hold on, so he pressed her back for the first time and warned her in a hoarse voice: "Don't move." Reiter stopped writhing when she heard something wrong in his voice. …… Is it all right now? "Mmm." Mu Li's voice was still hoarse. Of course Leite knows why he's doing this, it's just. She remembered that he wouldn't have been picked up so easily before. What about self-control? Why can't you see? What about the abstinence route? Is it bent? "I never thought you would show your love to me before." Leite wrapped her arms around his neck and giggled. "Hey, hey, hey, I'm so happy." Mu Li also laughed: "You used to be very confident." He remembered that she always said with a straight face,Self-closing Faucet, "You must like me very much.". Remembering the past, Leite felt a little embarrassed. "I was trying to comfort myself at that time." "Why comfort yourself?" Mu Li didn't understand what she meant. Leite: Because … I know you don't like me, but I can't stop liking you, so.. I have to tell myself that you like me. So I won't give up. Chapter 40. In fact, from the beginning, Leite's heart is very transparent, she knows that Mu Li did not like her before,push button toilet flush valve, but she is not reconciled. In order to achieve self-encouragement, she paralyzes herself every day and tells herself that Mu Li loves her. This method can help her rebuild her confidence, and over time, she really believes it, which is a way to comfort herself. Well, she's weak. She's not strong at all. When she lost her mother, she also used this method to comfort herself, but her mother did not come back. The pregnant woman was emotionally sensitive and had a lot of ups and downs, and after a while, Leite was already crying. Do not blame her affectation, everyone has one or two sad things in their hearts, no matter when they mention it, they will cry. In order to comfort Leite, Flushometer valve ,Service Sink Faucets, Mu Li slept with her all night. When he woke up the next morning, his arms were numb. With Mu Li in her arms, Leite slept soundly and had a dreamless night. With this pregnancy, Leite finally felt the length of the pregnancy. The last time I was pregnant with Hina, she had been busy working for the past few months, and the time passed quickly. This time, I pushed my work to rest at home, just to endure the days. Leite is due to give birth on January 31. For more than two months, Leite has spent every day with her daughter and TV series. Mu Li's schedule is a bit intensive, and there are games every three or five times, sometimes at four o'clock in the afternoon, sometimes at seven o'clock in the evening. For safety reasons, it is not easy for Leite to go to the scene, so she can only watch the live broadcast in front of the TV. After watching the live broadcast, she would look forward to Mu Li's return. During this period, the two of them get along like an ordinary couple, no quarrel, no friction. It's not very romantic, but there are still some trivial sweet things. Leite was counting the days on her fingers every day, hoping to reach her due date soon. Finally, on the 28th, Leite went to the hospital ahead of schedule to wait for delivery. The hospital is opposite the Nou Camp. Mu Li's last game of the year ended on the 30th. Except for a few hours of the game, he spent the rest of the time with Reiter. This time, he must not miss it again. Early in the morning on the 31st, Leite's stomach had a reaction. Mu Li changed his clothes and followed Leite into the delivery room. He had heard others say before that it was very tiring for a woman to give birth to a child, but what he heard was false. Today, when he saw it with his own eyes, he realized a little. Leite is the second child, and this time she is much better than when she gave birth to Sheena, but the pain is still there. Mu Li sat beside him, unable to help. Seeing that she was sweating with pain, he could only hold her hand, but there was no other way. No matter how difficult the process is, the baby is finally born. Their second child was a boy, just as Reiter had hoped. His hair was black, his eyes were amber, and his skin was white. Mu Li looked at his newborn son, his face full of spoiling. He silently made a wish that his son would kiss him a little and not dislike him like Sheena. Leite had already told Sheena that she would have a brother, but Sheena was not very clear about what brothers and sisters meant. For her, the greatest significance of having one more brother is to have someone to play with her. When Rhett gave birth, Sheena was taken care of by her grandparents. In these dozens of minutes, the little guy has been shouting "brother",Urinal Manual Flush Valve, acting more anxious than his grandparents. Blues couple saw their granddaughter so eager, so they took her to see their brother at the first time. When Grandpa and Grandma brought Sheena in, Leite was taking a family photo with her newborn son and Mu Li.