Qing Yu Nian

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"You said..". Why is there a Control yuan in the world? ?” Chen Pingping's words seemed to be asking Yan Bingyun, and she seemed to be asking herself.

"You said..". Why is there a Control yuan in the world? ?” Chen Pingping's words seemed to be asking Yan Bingyun, and she seemed to be asking herself. Yan Bingyun frowned very tightly, in fact, his mind still stayed in the previous shock, the dean's loyalty to His Majesty, no one has ever doubted, His Majesty's favor to the dean, is almost an unprecedented honor. Why? Why on earth is that? "For Your Majesty." Yan Bingyun subconsciously opened his mouth and said, but immediately closed his mouth. "I hope that the people of Qingguo can become unruly people.". Have an unyielding heart when being abused by others When attacked by calamities, he has the heart not to be frustrated; when something goes wrong, he has the heart not to be afraid to correct it; he does not flatter the jackal or the tiger.. Chen Pingping burst out laughing. Yan Bingyun is too familiar with this passage, and all the officials of the Control yuan grew up watching this passage. Because this passage has been engraved on the stone tablet in front of the Control yuan. , glittering.. It has not faded over the years . The signature is three words. Ye Qingmei. And now the whole world already knows that Ye Qingmei was the hostess of the Ye family, the biological mother of Lord Fan. "Actually, there are two sentences after this passage." Chen Pingping closed her eyes. Said slowly : "It's just that no one dares to mention it since she died. If you go home and ask Ruohai,plastic wheelie bins, he will tell you what these two sentences are." "Yes." Even if there are thousands of words in Yan Bingyun's heart, it only turns into this word. ——————————————————————————— Mr. Xiaoyan is riding in a carriage. He hurried back to Yanfu. Along the way, not knowing whether it was because the weather was too hot or because he was too frightened in his heart, sweat soaked through his permanent white clothes. Passing through the back garden, which is not very spacious, I didn't pay much attention to the greetings of the servants all the way. He went into the study with a solemn face. . In the study,stackable plastic pallets, Yan Ruohai, who has retired, is playing chess with a girl. The chess pieces landed on the stone flat and did not make too much noise. The matte chess pieces, however, have the intention of killing. Seeing Yan Bingyun enter the room, he realized that his son's mind was a little strange today. Yan Ruohai smiled gently to the opposite side and said, "Miss Shen's mind is not on chess today." The only surviving daughter of Shen Zhong, the former commander of the Royal Guards of the Northern Qi Dynasty. Miss Shen, who fled to Nanqing, smiled in embarrassment. He stood up and saluted Yan Ruohai and looked at Yan Bingyun with concern. Walk out of the study slowly. On the way out. Close the door very carefully. . Yan Ruohai looked at his son. Said softly : "What's the matter?" After a moment of silence, Yan Bingyun will be in the Control yuan today. President Chen ordered to say it again. . "Little Fan must be the dean." Yan Ruohai looked at his son lovingly. "His energy will be put in the court in the future, plastic pallet box ,plastic pallet manufacturer, and the specific hospital affairs must be taken care of by someone. You have suffered a lot over the years. He also did a lot of things for the court, although in my opinion, he is still a little younger. However …… "Lord Fan trusts you so much that you should help him as the chief of the courtyard." For these old people.. Fan Xian's future arrangements for the Control yuan . It's all very clear. Fan Xian in the Control yuan in addition to their own Qinian group, the most trusted is Yan Bingyun, his arrangement of Yan Bingyun, is not surprising. "But.." As soon as the wind changed, he sighed, "Why is it Tisi?"? Your qualifications, your abilities.. There is still a long way to go. "You're not the Big Five," he sneered. "As you know …" The five men? Yan Bingyun said sorrowfully. "I've been a father in the courtyard for a long time." Yan Ruohai said with a smile, "Anyway, it's a good thing.. There is light in the lintel. Why are you so sad? "That passage." What are the next two sentences? Yan Bingyun said worriedly. Oh.. Yan Ruohai said lightly, "Those are two very perverse words." Whoever says it.. It's all about death. .” Yan Ruohai said with a smile, "Someone once said that, so even she.." And he's dead. …… …… "Don't think too much." Yan Ruohai sighed and said, "There is no doubt that the dean is loyal to you. I think he is worried. It's just a matter after your majesty. Endure humiliation and bear heavy burdens Naturally, it refers to the preservation of one's own strength under impossible circumstances. Wait for the day after tomorrow .” He stared into his son's eyes and asked, "Maybe …" Are you psychologically prepared to become a traitor who seeks glory and a shameless person who is scolded by millions of people? Yan Bingyun did not answer his father's words, but asked very calmly: "Father, if." I mean, if you had to choose between the palace and the courtyard, what would you choose? What is the choice? It goes without saying.. Yan Ruohai looked at his son with a funny look and sighed, "Silly boy, I will naturally choose the courtyard.." "If the old prioress didn't have such confidence in me, how could he say so much to you?" Yan Bingyun smiled bitterly. He didn't expect his father to answer so simply and clearly. After a moment of silence, he said calmly, "I am your son, so.." I'm prepared for that, too. "You are wronged.". Child .” Yan Ruohai suddenly said such a sentence without thinking. —————————————————————————— "Over the years, he has really been wronged." In the palace of Qingguo, there is a dark night like ink, and the eaves of the palace emit a strange smell of indifference. Emperor Qingguo wore a thin suit with sparse eyes. . Standing in the night wind in front of the Taiji Hall Looking coldly at the square in front of the temple, enjoying the rare coolness. In the corner of the Taiji Hall, the eunuchs and palace maids who served the emperor quietly avoided here, while the guards who were responsible for safety carefully kept their distance to ensure that they would not hear the conversation between the emperor and the people around him. Chen Pingping sat in a wheelchair and gently stroked the woolen blanket on her lap. Sigh : "Take your time,plastic bulk containers, the resentment in the child's heart.." "I think it has been smoothed over the years." The emperor smiled and said, "Actually, in the small building …" The child should have forgiven me. I just always feel that I still owe something. cnplasticpallet.com