The villain has a girlfriend.

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Even Charles couldn't see her, and Irene seemed to have accidentally killed herself in that one. "Let's go to my house.

Even Charles couldn't see her, and Irene seemed to have accidentally killed herself in that one. "Let's go to my house. Do you remember where the ambulance is?" "Remember." As long as the ambulance saw Irene, the memory of her came back, of course, to remember her, but also to think of the companions who disappeared after Thanos, he was somewhat depressed. For Irene, it was the best thing to be able to return to this familiar place. She hurried back downstairs with her family's car. There was a Harley parked in her special seat. Irene knew it was Steve's car. Unexpectedly, Steve was at home today, which was not very easy to handle. Is it difficult for her to rush over and tell Steve that she is also the master of the house? She was afraid that Steve would beat her to death. Of course, Steve would not do such a thing, which the other side will certainly have. What bothered Irene a little was the man who followed Steve, Rocky. Although he does not know who he is now, but he is still Loki himself, there is no reason not to see her wrong, but in this case, it is not fun ah. "Irene?" The sound of the ambulance came to her ears,plastic wheelie bins, and Irene came to her senses and said, "Stop here. I'll go up and talk to Steve." She said, taking the key out of her pocket. Unexpectedly, the person who has been following Steve all the time is not here today, and Steve is still very easy to fool for Irene. It may be because the other party is her great-uncle's relationship, which is a kind of trust from feelings, and Irene likes this kind of trust. But for this sudden grandniece,mobile garbage bin, Giraud has a bad feeling. But he knows, where does Captain America come from? Isn't his family already dead? It's not that Irene doesn't know what he thinks, but as far as she's concerned, there's no doubt that she's Steve's family, so there's no need to worry about anything, if not, she can go to the paternity test! Of course, they didn't have a chance to get a paternity test. Because Thanos is here again. Because of the appearance of Thanos, the whole of New York was in a panic, but I don't know if it was because he had realized his dream. This time, when Thanos came over, his attitude was unexpectedly calm. He stood in an open space and looked sideways at Steve, wholesale plastic pallet ,spill plastic pallet, who had rushed to the front. He was obviously impressed by the man who had been able to take his fist. He was a little surprised: "Are you still there?" There are so many life forms in the universe that Thanos can't remember them one by one, so it's naturally random to send those people to another dimension, so when he saw Captain America, he was a little confused and surprised, but he didn't have much reaction. After all, at the level of people like him, Captain America is almost a small soldier, and a small soldier. He is not qualified to speak to himself who has become the chief general. Thanos! For Steve, the man in purple in front of him was a nightmare that destroyed his hometown. It was because of this that he could not let this man continue to appear in the United States and on the earth. "What are you doing here?" In fact, as Captain America, Steve is not worried that he will bump into the hands of Thanos, but he does not want to play against Thanos at this time. Not because I dare not, but because I can't beat him. He has a heart that is willing to fight with Thanos, and even sacrifices everything for this goal, but he cannot take the whole of New York and the whole United States as a starting point. It is his duty to protect the United States, and it is his duty to protect the people. But obviously, if we do it now, the earth will suffer. So, no matter how angry Steve was, he just stood ten meters away and looked at the giant. Steve gritted his teeth and said, "You are not welcome on the earth today. Please leave here." Thanos looked down with great interest. There were really not many people who dared to talk to him at this time. "Are you talking to me?" "I remember you." When he heard Thanos speak, Steve's eyes went cold. Thanos continued, "You look like that robot.". ” Steve's eyes suddenly widened. Of course, he could hear that the robot in Thanos's mouth was probably Tony. What did you do to him?! Steve opened his mouth and said that he had never been a person who would put himself in a weak position. Although he did not want to face Thanos now, it did not mean that he was afraid. Fight? You can still fight. And just then, Thanos' gloves quickly sent out different halos, shooting straight in the same direction. Steve and others, together with Thanos, turned their heads in surprise and saw the woman with long hair and an innocent look. If it's not his new grandniece, which is it? The author has something to say: I will not say, this article is the dog blood amnesia amnesia amnesia QAQ Chapter 76 Irene also did not expect to be seen by Thanos at such a time, God knows how flustered she was when she looked at Thanos. Such an overlord, in fact, not everyone can hold up. There's something interesting about you, you little boy. Thanos looked at Irene and said, Irene frowned and subconsciously wanted to pinch her original stone. It's just that Thanos is right in front of her, and if she really pinches it, she won't believe that Thanos won't come over curiously to see it, she's still. Don't move. Are you the Thanos who wants to make the universe peaceful? Irene opened her mouth and said that she had wanted to ask this question since she was a person in the real world. "Have you realized your wish now?" Cosmic peace is not as simple as you imagine, although it has been peaceful consumption and expenditure,wholesale plastic pallet, but how can the people of the universe who have lost their companions and relatives give up so easily? And, with such a powerful ability, how long can you maintain your normal heart.